Our Sports Performance Gym In Artarmon  Helps Athletes Find The Answers To Elite Athleticism By Bulletproof Their Body And Instilling The Confidence And Mental Grit They Need To Succeed.

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About Our Facility

From the desk of Lachlan Wilmot,
Co-Director and Head of Coaching & Performance

To the sports lover, the dedicated athlete, and the supportive sporting parent, 

Just like you, I know that there are two things that every dedicated athlete deserves:

The first is to have the confidence in their physical and mental ability to compete at their full potential and;

The second is to win.

Because if we're all honest, there is nothing worse than doubting yourself when it counts, and nothing better than winning when everything is on the line.

But after ten years in professional sport working with some of Australia's most talented athletes, I have accepted the reality that for most, they will never make it.

I have seen hundreds of athletes -- way more than I could ever count -- 'just' miss the cut, 'just' miss the team, or 'just' miss their chance. Even though they were on the cusp and 'just' out of reach, I've seen them walk away from their dream and spend the rest of their life asking 'what if?' while the mates they went to school with, played sport with and shared memories with, play on the biggest stages of sport. I think I speak for everyone when I say we can all point to a mate who through their talent and hard work, made it their career.

Many years ago (well before this facility was established), I decided that I would do my part to make that dream a reality for as many athletes as I can. I want athletes to have the confidence they deserve, and I want them to win.

Our performance and rehab systems are the culmination of over 10 years in pro sport testing, improving and optimizing the training systems that make good athletes great, and great athletes all-stars.

If you choose to train with us, you'll be in safer hands than you thought imaginable because your success, is our success. But we've just met, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't want to take our word for it. So spend some time on our website, listen to the stories of our athletes, and I'll leave their results to do the talking for us.

What Do The Athletes Say About Lachlan?

Jarryd Hayne

Jarryd Hayne | Lachlan Wilmot Testimonial

"Love working with Lachie, a coach that values an athlete's feedback and implements it into their training program. Rare to have a coach with so much knowledge yet always looking to improve. Knowing every athlete was an individual and doing his best to come up with a plan to suit. The best always look to get better."

Dylan Shiel

Dylan Shiel | Lachlan Wilmot Testimonial

"It is rare to be coached by someone who has an abundance of knowledge but also the drive to learn. He listens to the athlete and works with them to get the best out of themselves. I was fortunate to work with Lachie for 5+ years, he is the reason I am the athlete in strength and conditioning I am today."

Zac Williams

Zac Williams | Lachlan Wilmot Testimonial

"Working with Lachie at the GWS Giants was a great benefit to myself, as I didn't know much about strength and conditioning as an 18 year old. He made it simple and clear in what I needed to do over the few years to be able to play AFL at the top level. It was amazing to have a coach take the time and effort to prepare & make me the best player I could be. Lachie has set me up to be the player I am today."

Our Services

Because our rehabilitation facility was designed for athletes, we have everything an athlete needs to regain a competitive edge and perform at their best.

Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program

Our Flagship Program transforms athletes into podium finishers and the team MVP by developing a bulletproof body protected from injury, a strong, powerful physique that speaks 'Athletic', and a mindset that can overcome adversity and thrive under pressure. We help athletes develop the confidence to succeed, and then the confidence to win.

Sports Physiotherapy For Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy 

Whether you play a sport for its social involvement or because you're highly competitive, pain and injury can leave you feeling like a part of you is 'missing.' In our experience, athletes simply aren't the same when they can't compete in the sport they love. We provide world-class, affordable NO-GAPS Physiotherapy to our members and athletes so they can recover from injury faster. 

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End-Stage Rehabilitation For Returning Athletes

Return To Performance

One of the most difficult problems that an athlete faces after an injury is determining when you are ready to return to sport. You can be placed under enormous pressure from the coach,  teammates or your own expectations to get out on the track, field or court as fast as possible. Our end-stage rehab program combines expert physiotherapy with strength and conditioning so you can get back to sport without the fear of reinjuring yourself again.

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Master Your Mental Game Mini-Course | Athletes Authority


Discover the mindset strategies of the world's greatest athletes so you can turn your mind into a weapon of performance.

Athletes Authority | Foot & Ankle Protocol


Bulletproof your weakest links with our free body-part specific protection and resilience programs. These 12-week programs target the most common weak links in an athletes body and protects them from re-injury.

KVLR Recovery System | Athletes Authority


Performance = Fitness - Fatigue. Reduce your fatigue and recover faster with our 3-Step Recovery System.

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