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Because our rehabilitation facility was designed for athletes, we have everything an athlete needs to regain a competitive edge and perform at their best.

Strength & Conditioning For Athlete Development

Outdoor Athletic Training

With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting all gyms across Australia, the need for athletes to access individualised strength and conditioning program is only more important with most gyms shutting down. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed by world-class strength coaches and then adapted for an outdoor environment to comply with all standards. With extensive experience in professional sport and optimise your sports performance by making sure you're healthy, strong, moving well, fit, powerful and explosive.

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Sports Physiotherapy For Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy 

Whether you play a sport for its social involvement or because you're highly competitive, pain and injury can leave you feeling like a part of you is 'missing.' In our experience, athletes simply aren't the same when they can't compete in the sport they love. We provide world-class, affordable NO-GAPS Physiotherapy to our members and athletes so they can recover from injury faster. 

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End-Stage Rehabilitation For Returning Athletes

Return To Performance

One of the most difficult problems that an athlete faces after an injury is determining when you are ready to return to sport. You can be placed under enormous pressure from the coach,  teammates or your own expectations to get out on the track, field or court as fast as possible. Our end-stage rehab program combines expert physiotherapy with strength and conditioning so you can get back to sport without the fear of reinjuring yourself again.

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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill now available at Athletes Authority allows athletes and runners to rehabilitate an injury or add extra training mileage without the normal stress on your body. Designed by NASA for astronauts and now used by elite athletes around the world, Anti-Gravity Treadmills allow recreational and competitive athletes to rehabilitate faster and run pain-free, just days after an injury. This service is covered under private-health care physiotherapy allowances. 

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NormaTec Compression Recovery Boots

NormaTec Compression Recovery Boots

NormaTec Recovery Boots help athletes train harder and recover faster. By using a unique pulse massage pattern, these boots act both as a dynamic compression to help flush the fluid out of your legs and, as a massage tool to relieve sore, tired and achy muscles. 

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