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Because our gym was designed for athletes, we have everything an athlete needs to gain a competitive edge and perform at their best.



Our facility in Artarmon was designed from the ground up by professional strength coaches with the athlete and serious lifting enthusiast in mind. Designed and engineered to maximise performance, our members enjoy the very best facility to support your performance goals. With a large turf area for plyometrics, sleds and dynamic drills, five double-celled squat racks, 3000kg's worth of calibrated plates, speciality bars and top-of-the-line conditioning equipment, all your athlete needs are covered.

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Strength & Conditioning For Athlete Development

Join Our Athlete Development Program

Every athlete needs an individualised strength and conditioning program if they are going to perform at their best. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed by world-class strength coaches with extensive experience in professional sport and optimise your sports performance by making sure you're healthy, strong, moving well, fit, powerful and explosive.

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Sports Physiotherapy For Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy 

Whether you play a sport for its social involvement or because you're highly competitive, pain and injury can leave you feeling like a part of you is 'missing.' In our experience, athletes simply aren't the same when they can't compete in the sport they love. We provide world-class, affordable NO-GAPS Physiotherapy to our members and athletes so they can recover from injury faster. 

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End-Stage Rehabilitation For Returning Athletes

Return To Performance

One of the most difficult problems that an athlete faces after an injury is determining when you are ready to return to sport. You can be placed under enormous pressure from the coach,  teammates or your own expectations to get out on the track, field or court as fast as possible. Our end-stage rehab program combines expert physiotherapy with strength and conditioning so you can get back to sport without the fear of reinjuring yourself again.

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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill now available at Athletes Authority allows athletes and runners to rehabilitate an injury or add extra training mileage without the normal stress on your body. Designed by NASA for astronauts and now used by elite athletes around the world, Anti-Gravity Treadmills allow recreational and competitive athletes to rehabilitate faster and run pain-free, just days after an injury. This service is covered under private-health care physiotherapy allowances. 

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NormaTec Compression Recovery Boots

NormaTec Compression Recovery Boots

NormaTec Recovery Boots help athletes train harder and recover faster. By using a unique pulse massage pattern, these boots act both as a dynamic compression to help flush the fluid out of your legs and, as a massage tool to relieve sore, tired and achy muscles. 

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Athletes Deserve A Gym That's Built For Them

You Don't Need To Compromise Your Training By Joining A Commercial Gym Or Group Training Facility. You Belong With Us.

About Our Gym

In our extensive experience working with the Parramatta Eels, GWS Giants, Western Sydney Wanderers & NSW Waratahs in professional sport, we've always had the vision of bringing back what we've learned to emerging, semi-pro and elite athletes who want to perform at their best. With this vision, Athletes Authority was born in 2016. Since then, we've been leading the way in private-sector Athlete Development to the point where we are now considered the leaders in Australia outside of the Institutes of Sport.

Taking what we've learned from years in professional sport, we help our athletes build a rock-solid athletic foundation to optimise their sports performance.

Our philosophy focuses on building great movers, preventing and rehabilitating injury, developing strength and explosive power and ramping up fitness to be game-ready. Our athletes are closely supervised by masters-qualified strength coaches with extensive experience working in professional sport. Whether you choose to join our flagship Athlete Development Program or simply Join The Gym to train in our high-performance facility, you'll be joining a gym where you can feel at home.

VO2 Max Testing HD Tang -- Australian Badmington Player
Jerseys 1st wall Athletes Authority Our Jersey Wall
Jamie Alleyne Jamie Alleyne -- Commonwealth Champion Kickboxer
AP Amy Pejkovic -- Australian Junior High Jumper
sam doggett Athletes Authority Sam Doggett -- Australian Aboriginals XI
CR Athletes Authority Cam Rowston -- Professional MMA FIghter
Nathan Charles AA Athlete Nathan Charles -- Australian Wallaby
Amanda Bartrim Amanda Bartrim -- Australian Floorball
Olivia Mowat Athletes Authority Olivia Mowat -- Australian Handball Player
Mark Brewer Mark Brewer -- Commonwealth Games For Judo
Sam Needs Athletes Authority Sam Needs -- NSW Waratahs Player
Natasha Marteene Athletes Authority Natasha Marteene -- NSW Beach Sprinter
Jessie Allen Jessie Allen -- Australian Rower
Claud White Athletes Authority Claudia White -- National Distance Runner
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