Success Stories

Success Stories from our high-performance gym in Artarmon.

Athlete: Georgia Yeoman-Dale

Sport: Football
Goal: W-League

After a serious injury kept Georgia on the sidelines for 18 months, she knew that one of the paths back to a full recovery was to fully commit to her general physical preparation. 

Since Georgia started with us in June, she has gone from strength to strength, having a successful comeback with APIA in the NPL before signing with the Western Sydney Wanderers for the 2021 W-League season.

With Georgia leaving us for W-league camp, we thought we'd sit down with her to get her thoughts on the last 5 months with us.

Athlete: Dan Alessi

Sport: Soccer
Coach: Lachlan Wilmot

After two successful seasons in Italy, COVID saw Dan return to the NPL, vying for another A-League opportunity after representing the Jets and Wanderers before his Italy departure. See what he had to say about his preparation at Athletes Authority.

Athlete: Blaise Barnes

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Professional Contract

After being an Australian Schoolboy and signing a 2-year contract with the Parramatta Eels, Blaise Barnes was hit with another devastating injury -- rupturing his ACL for the third time.

This time, he knew he had to do something different. That's why he came to us. Since his rehab has finished (and at the time of writing this), he's playing the best footy of his life and hasn't had a hiccup since returning; playing at the top of his game in the Shute Shield for Randwick. 

Hear his take on his ACL rehab at Athletes Authority.

Athlete: Nicola Barr

Sport: AFL
Coach: Return to the AFLW after Injury 

After succumbing to two hamstring tears consecutively, Nic Barr was looking for an answer. After testing, we identified that her hamstrings in fact, weren't the problem... they were actually a strength.

We got to work on her actual weaknesses, developing her joint stiffness, springiness and strength base. 6 months later, her hamstring concerns are well behind her. Find out how we helped Nic fall back in love with the gym in time for the 2021 AFLW season.

Athlete: Nathan Charles

Sport: Endurance Events
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Nathan Charles, the first Wallaby to ever play with Cystic Fibrosis, speak about the last 6 months working with us as he prepares for his life as an athlete after Rugby.

As an advocate for Cystic Fibrosis Australia, Nathan has to prepare for a wide variety of fitness events and he trusts us for his gym and conditioning programs. Here what he has to say about us with his chat to Seaton. 


Athlete: Bryany Parker

Sport: Football
Goal: Professional Contract
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

After being part of the winning Sydney FC squad of 2018, Bryany wanted to make sure she secured a professional position in the 2019 roster. After playing a season in NPL1 for a team who was under performing, putting her best foot forward was presenting as a challenge to selectors. 

See how Bryany managed to play a full season without missing a game while juggling a full time job, full time study and 4 games + 5 training sessions a week. This was load management at it's finest and we are so thrilled to see her receive multiple contract offers for the 2019 season.

Athlete: Hugh Margin

Sport: Rugby
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Hugh Margin, who'd already spent time within the Junior Wallabies, talks about his time with us with the main goal of 'freshning up training' after years of team training.

Athlete: Sam Needs

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Performance Improvements
Coach: Scott Hoare

After Sams’ contract with the NSW Waratahs ended and an opportunity to play overseas was offered, Sam couldn’t refuse.

He chose us for the 8 weeks leading into his Australian departure to professional rugby in Japan.

Hear about his story, what he achieved, and what he has learned in the short 8 weeks he had with the team at Athletes Authority with coach Scott.

Athlete: Reuel Naresh

Sport: Football
Goal: Pro Contract
Coach: Scott Hoare

When Reuel joined Athletes Authority, an existing ankle injury marked his third serious injury in as many years. This season, Reuel played every game, improved every performance variable, and just landed a contract in Malaysia. Before he flew overseas, we managed to organise a chat. You can hear his story here.

Athlete: Jamie Alleyne

Sport: Muay Thai
Goal: Performance Improvements
Coach: Elliot Taylor

When Jamie Alleyne first joined us, he wasn’t a huge fan of training in the gym. He found it slow, non-specific and a waste of time.

But he persisted. Our promise was simple; if he committed, he’d put his best foot forward to finally winning a title belt.

6 months later, he has won the NSW State Title, The Australian Title & The International Title.

Hear about his story of incredible achievement with his coach, Elliot Taylor, at Athletes Authority Artarmon.

Athlete: Fergus Mitra

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Pro Contract
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Fergus had an opportunity to play rugby abroad in New Zealand for the 2018 season, but wanted continued assistance to maintain the solid foundation and explosiveness he developed over the pre-season.

The results speak for themselves. Check out the chat with Coach Seaton.

Athlete: Sam Doggett

Sport: Cricket
Goal: Pro Contract
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

When Sam came in for performance testing, we didn't think he'd get an offer to play in the QLD Future's league only 12 weeks later. We had a lot of work to do; Sam's injury history was long and complicated.

In 12 weeks, we addressed the blind spots in his training and bulletproofed him against game demands. But within 10 weeks, he was a dramatically different athlete.

Within 12 weeks, he'd got the offer and booked his one-way ticket to the Queensland Academy of Sport.

Athlete: Amanda Bartrim

Sport: Floorball
Goal: 3rd Consecutive World Champs
Coach: Scott Hoare

After stress fractures ended Amanda Bartrim's career in Pole Vault, she was hesitant to sink her heart into her new sport of Floorball. But after making the World Champs, she knew she had to take her training seriously again. That was two years ago.

Since then, Amanda has gone from strength to strength and is about to start her third consecutive World's preparation. Coached by Scott, she's achieved incredible things both in and out of the gym. You don't want to miss this story.

Athlete: Jessie Allen

Sport: Rower
Goal: Olympic Team
Coach: Elliot Taylor

Jessie Allen isn't your average Rower, she's one of the best. But after a history of injuries that have plagued her career, she decided she needed a break.

After taking some time off, she reached out to us to help her get back to form without the pressure of the Institute environment.

Training with Elliot, she flourished. We're super proud of Jessie -- her work ethic is second to none and she deserves this all-time PB. Watch her story back to form (and beyond) here.

Athlete: Claudia White

Sport: Middle Distance Runner
Goal: NSW Team
Coach: Elliot Taylor

When Claudia first came to us, she couldn't run in spikes without being crippled by calf pain. Not only does she nowrun in spikes, but she's quadrupled her mileage, too, and ran every race this season.

Shortly after recording this conversation, she got the news she was really hoping to receive: she'd made it into the NSW team for the 10km. This is a huge achievement for Claudia and something she absolutely deserves.

Athlete: Jordan Kennedy

Sport: Football
Goal: NPL
Coach: Tim Rowland

As Jordan Kennedy reaches the end of the end-stage rehabilitation program, him and Tim sit down and talk about his experience and his return to sport.

After not having the confidence to run or change direction, he has literally, leapt and bound his way back to performance and landed on his feet.

Athlete: Nadia Moore

Sport: AFL
Goal: AFLW
Coach: Seaton & Nalesh

As Nadia prepares to move to Melbourne to pursue her AFLW career, she took a few moments to sit down with Karl and talk about the last four months with us as an end-stage rehab athlete.

Athlete: Jordan Rosewarne

Sport: AFL
Goal: Return To Performance
Coach: Scott Hoare

When Jordan Rosewarne, a full-time Osteopath tore his own ACL playing AFL, he knew that we could provide the advice, encouragement and support he needed to have the confidence to return to the pitch.

After 9 months with us, he's more confident, strong and stable on that leg than ever before. This is his story.

Athlete: Olivia Mowat

Sport: European Handball
Goal: World Champs
Coach: Jess Hunter

When we first met Olivia, she was following a handball specific program in the lead up to her trials for the Australian Team.

While she had initial success with it, she started to notice that her results in the gym, and on the court, were slowing down.

After performance testing, we noticed Liv wasn't taking advantage of her elastic properties, something that is more commonly called, her 'springiness'. Her VO2 max was also under, elite standards.

Liv worked tirelessly over 16 weeks, and despite suffering an unrelated PCL tear at work only 4 weeks before the Asian Champs, she played through "fitter, faster, stronger and more confident than she ever has."

Just as rewarding, were her results during follow up testing. Her biggest weaknesses were fast becoming her strengths. Hear about her story here.

Athlete: Tom Glascott

Sport: Track
Goal: 2020 Olympic Games
Coach: Elliot Taylor

When Tom Glascott first joined Athletes Authority, he was juggling the pressures of the HSC, the expectations of the junior Waratah 7's squad and the State Track Team.

After winning the GPS championships in the 400 and 200m, Tom got the first taste of realising his athletic potential, so he came to us to take his performance to the next level.

In the 9 months since, we've been working on Tom's general capacities so he can be strong, powerful and capable on the track.

Athlete: HD Tang

Sport: Badmington
Goal: Olympics
Coach: Scott Hoare

HD Tang was already a great athlete -- he was representing Australia in Badmington. However, he wasn't getting close to his potential -- nagging injuries, sub-optimal training and hard-to-break habits were holding him back.

After his first twelve week block with us, Scott and HD share some of the highlights and things to look forward to as they sink their teeth into Phase 2.

Athlete: Scott Purcell

Sport: Rugby Union
Goal: Shute Shield Top Grades
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Scott has over 10 years of training in the gym but he still chooses to train under our guidance because it's 'tried and proven with incredible athletes'. Hear why he chooses to stay a part of the ADP even though he has the knowledge, fitness, and ability to do it all himself.

Athlete: Luke Savage

Sport: Crossfit
Goal: Crossfit Games
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

When Luke first came to us, his shoulder impingement was preventing him from enjoying Crossfit -- he couldn't do anything without serious pain or discomfort. In only thirteen weeks, we're sending him back to Crossfit feeling completely restored and confident in his ability to tackle the next step in his athletic journey.

Athlete: Alex Lamond

Sport: Football
Goal: NPL
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

It's not every day that an athlete -- after just twelve weeks of training -- get's over 10% stronger, fitter and more powerful. Usually, those improvements might take 6 months to a year if everything goes to plan. But Alex has been committed - in fact, he didn't miss a session. The results in the gym and on the field, speak for themselves.

Athlete: Robbie Richardson

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Semi-Pro Contract
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Robbie has had over 10 years of experience in the gym but knew he had a tendency to ignore his weaknesses and blind spots. Despite being a coach himself, he wanted expert advice and an unparalleled training environment. Listen to his story and hear why he thinks the facility is second to none.

Athlete: Angus Windred

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Professional
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Angus first came to us after suffering from two consecutive years on the bench with broken ankles and fractured confidence. His return to performance has been incredible. Hear his story back to Grade Rugby.

Athlete: 'Kaz' Tiwari

Sport: Cricket
Goal: First Grade
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Kaz is an international student and wanted to make the most of his time here playing Grade cricket. He came for great training strategies to enhance his performance, but ended up finding a second home here. Listen to his story.

Athlete: Carmen Leung

Sport: Oz Tag
Goal: International Representative
Coach: Scott Hoare

Why would a sport scientist and exercise physiologist, who already knows how to train, trust us to look after her athletic performance? Find out why the International Oz Tagl representative chose us.

Athlete: Charlotte Fraser

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Professional
Coach: Seaton Humphreys

Find out how we got an aspiring Aon 7's player her confidence back so she'd take a trip North to pursue her career as a professional rugby player.