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Discover How To Maximise Your Sports Performance By Identifying Your Strengths, Weaknesses & Blindspots
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This Is The New Frontier Of Athletic Testing...

Our Elite Athlete GamePlan™ helps amateur and elite athletes discover their unique pathway to developing speed, power, strength & overall athleticism.
We utilise some of the most advanced sports science technology available to identify your strengths, weaknesses and blindspots, creating a GamePlan™ that helps you develop an edge and advantage over your competition.
✅ Pinpoint the weaknesses that are holding you back and bulletproof them once and for all.
✅ Identify the blindspots in your performance and discover how to turn them into opportunities that will enhance your sports performance.
✅ Reveal the strengths that make you a talented athlete and ID your X-Factor.

Clint Gutherson

Clint Gutherson | Lachlan WIlmot Testimonial

"Love working with Lachie, a coach that values an athlete's feedback and implements it into their training program. Rare to have a coach with so much knowledge yet always looking to improve. Knowing every athlete was an individual and doing his best to come up with a plan to suit. The best always look to get better."

Tepai Moeroa

Tepai Moeroa

"Lachie is definitely one of the most knowledgeable S&C coaches I've had the pleasure of training under, not only in his set programs but in his ability to adapt and modify programs to be able to get the best out of his athletes. What I most appreciate from being coached by Lachie is that he not only coaches you as an athlete but he teaches you as a student how to and why to perform certain lifts and what benefits you gain from them."

Brandon Quinn

BQ | Athletes Authority

"Training at Athletes Authority was some of the best training I ever did. When I joined I was working through a frustrating groin rehab, when I left I had my first pro contract."


Our system of performance testing leaves no stone unturned. The Elite Athlete GamePlan™ includes:

☑️ A complete exploration of your injury history to understand the root cause of your injuries AND what to do about them so they don't act like a handbrake holding you back.

☑️ Using 3-D Motion capture analysis, we'll be able to help you understand how you move in a way you've never seen before and help confirm some of the underlying contributors to your injuries and athleticism.

☑️ How you use your elastic and muscular tissues to produce and absorb force. You'll finally understand what the best strategy is for you to become powerful and explosive.

☑️ You'll identify the weak links in your strength output so you know what type of strength training you need to prioritise AND what areas require the most attention

☑️ You'll finally be able to answer the question of "Am I fit enough"  with our VO2 Max Testing. You'll be able to compare yourself to the elite standard and know if you need to improve and, by how much. 

☑️ Finally, you'll also receive a detailed report of your findings for your reference, so you know exactly how much you've improved with your new training strategies.

Performance Testing Process


Performance Testing | Elite Athlete GamePlanPerformance Testing | Elite Athlete GamePlan™


With your very own Elite Athlete GamePlan™, you'll finally have the answers to elite athleticism.

After your performance testing experience, two in three athletes decide to join our Athlete Development Program. If you decide to join following your GamePlan experience, 100% of the investment will be applied as a credit to your account.

Elite Athlete GamePlan™

The Ultimate Performance Testing Experience



+ Full Injury Screen With Our Sports Physiotherapist When Injured
+ Strength + Power Testing
+ Vo2 Max Testing
+ Return To Sport Screening
+ Elite Athlete GamePlan™ Report*
+ Athlete Mental Skills Assessment*

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