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In A World of Elite Competitors, Mental Skills Training Provides The Edge Athletes Need To Compete Like A Champion...

Without a system for training your mental skills, you'll always feel like you're never achieving your potential during the high-pressure moments where it counts the most.

The confidence, courage and grit demonstrated by the world's greatest athletes is not something they were born with, but something they developed, tested and refined over time.

This idea is echoed by all the world's greatest athletes; all acknowledge the significant role of their mental preparation, including the likes of Michael Jordan. Listen to how Michael Jordan discusses mental skills training after winning 6 NBA championships.

For the athletes that want to reach the top, mental skills training is your best investment.

How Mental Skills Training Works

Our proprietary system for creating natural competitors centres around the Mental Fitness Pyramid™.

The MFP is a comprehensive, build-as-you-go style framework for developing mental skills over time, in your own time. 

Working closely along side our Mental Skills coach, you will work on the foundations of your mental fitness, building toward complete ownership of your decisions, behaviours and actions.

The MFP fits seamlessly into our physical training system within the Athlete Development Program (ADP) to create an all-round natural performer.

☑️ Understand how to influence your thought patterns by taking control of the 5 "S's": Your State, Sacrifices, Standards, Stumbling Blocks and Story". These thought patterns influence the dialogue that runs through your head during training and competition and massively impacts your ability to feel like a natural athlete.

☑️ There is the belief within mental skills training that your actions speak louder than your words. While a lot of athletes have good intentions, they fail to execute day-to-day, and this lack of control with their behaviour holds them back. Learn how to master your habits and become a consistent, disciplined athlete. 

☑️ Set Goals that you will actually want to achieve by aligning them with your values. Most goals are derailed when life gets in the way. Learn how to establish a values hierarchy so you make decisions that support and encourage the realisation of your goals.

☑️ With your Mental Fitness Pyramid well established, you'll have the foundations to take ownership of your sporting identity and perform like a natural competitor.

Mental Fitness Pyramid | Athletes Authority


Want to discover some of the secrets that elite athletes use to master their mental game? Download our free-mini course that gives you a sneak peak into our mental skills framework.


There are two ways you can get started improving your mental game. The first is to work with us face-to-face (or via Zoom.). The other way is to invest in our online course and go at your own pace.

Individual Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Coaching 1:1 At Our Facility or Online

$100 p/m*

+ Athlete Mental Skills Assessment & Report
+ Mental Skills Roadmap
+ Monthly Face-to-Face Sessions
+ Regular contact with your mental skills coach

*Must be a member of the Athlete Development Program or Emerging Athlete Program to be eligible for this heavily discounted pricing. For those who want to work with us externally, prices vary. Please enquire using the button above.

Master Your Mental Game Online Course

Mental Skills Coaching 1:1 At Our Facility or Online


+ Athlete Mental Skills Assessment & Report
+ Mental Skills Roadmap
+ 1 x 1:1 call with our Mental Skills Coach
+ Immediate access to the full 8-module course
+ Lifetime Access

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If you want to feel like a confident, natural competitor so you can reach your potential, Mental Skills training could be your competitive edge. 

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