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Junior Athlete Development For 8-16 Year Old's

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"Most Talented Athletes Never Realise Their Childhood Dreams."

In Today's World Where More Is Better, The Right Physical Preparation Can Be The Difference Between Your Child Making It, Or Missing Out.

As kids, it's obvious to most parents that they should participate in a wide variety of sports -- exposing them to as many different opportunities as possible puts them in the best stead for adolescence. The more your young kids can run, jump, hop, swim and enjoy sports, the better.

But things get difficult during adolescence. Growing bodies become susceptible to injury; higher levels of sports demand more from our kids, and the pressure of progress starts to weigh down on our kids shoulders.

This creates an environment where most kids are set up to fail -- they are pushed too hard, for too long, until they break. 

One of the best ways to manage the pressures of multiple sports, multiple training sessions, school and a social life, is to optimise their athletic potential... off the field of play. Helping athletes jump, land, run, push, pull and be injury resilient is one of the most valuable tools in a sporting parents arsenal -- it can keep them going while the kids around them take time off.


This is our 'secret weapon' that our emerging athlete's parents like to keep close to heart. While most athletes simply do 'more and more training', our athletes allocate a percentage of their training week to learning how to move well... because that's one of the best ways to prevent injuries.
It's also one of the best ways to set them up for success as an adult athlete wanting to become professional -- if they are going to make it, they need every advantage they can find. That's what our Emerging Athlete Program provides -- an opportunity for young athletes to move and perform well... because the most athletic athletes usually have the best chances at success.
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"We have had an outstanding experience at Athletes Authority. The coach to athlete ratio is excellent, there is a focus on injury prevention and programs are continually reviewed to ensure they are suited to the changing needs of each individual. The culture between athletes is supporting and encouraging which creates an inclusive environment among the athletes. Five stars!!!" - S Baker

Emerging Athlete Program | Athletes Authority

"As a parent of a teenage athlete, I was wary of him being too young to start a strength and conditioning program. On meeting with Karl and the Athletes Authority team, their expertise and science-based approach allayed all of these fears.

Athletes Authority caters for all aspects of his fitness - regular performance testing, a tailored app-based training program, high end equipment, health food and supplements, Normatec recovery system, in-house physiotherapy (the list goes on).

Athletes Authority as a company operates with an athlete-first ethos. 

Since he started last year, my son has developed close friendships with his coaches, who provide him with guidance, inspiration and camaraderie. Likewise, he is now part of a network of elite athletes from all walks of life. Not once have I had to convince him to go to the gym, the motivation Athletes Authority generates is undeniable.

This is the perfect environment for any athlete, regardless of age or discipline. And the proof is in the output, the year my son joined Athletes Authority has been his most successful year yet, not just in his chosen sport, but academically as well - an unexpected ripple effect." - P McCormish

BB | Athletes Authority

"Wow !!! This place is next level in the world of strength and conditioning. My son has the privilege of training with these guys, the facilities, training and testing and support he is provided is second to none. I could not be more impressed with the programs, their attention to detail and safety of their clients is paramount. The trainers are amazing they have not only improved his strength and conditioning abilities but his confidence has gone through the roof - could not recommend highly enough." - S Blair

Emerging Athlete Program | Athletes Authority

"Our son is an athletic talent who needed additional strength training for his further development. We believe we found with Athletes Authority the perfect place for it. He works with a very professional team who helps him based on his needs to work on his weak points and ensures that the focus is on the required skills for his sport. Also the support in a recovery phase was awesome. We are really happy with his progress and the professional support as well as he is motivated for the sessions!" - N Kurt


Our Emerging Athlete Program (EAP) improves athleticism to support the physical demands of sport as kids grow into teens. The EAP helps 8-16 yr old athletes of all levels bulletproof their weaknesses, decrease injury risk, and build strength, power and speed to set them up for long-term success. This program is one of only a few complete junior athlete development programs in Sydney. Here is how it works:

Design Your GamePlan™

There is an old saying: "what doesn't get measured, doesn't get improved." Through no fault of their own, emerging athletes are rarely provided with the objective feedback on their athleticism that they need in order to improve their sporting potential. Because of this, most junior athletes enter the later teenage years under conditioned, lacking physicality, and lacking athleticism. They feel slow off the mark and are regularly beaten by the more 'naturally gifted athletes'.

Our Emerging Athlete Program helps aspirational athletes stand out so they can emerge as champions. Measuring their current ability is the first step.

Over the course of this performance testing experience, we help our emerging athletes:

- Pinpoint their weaknesses that are holding them back;

- Identify the blind spots in their performance and discover how to turn them into opportunities; 

- Reveal their X-factor and what they're already doing well.

By the end of the testing experience, we'll know how to plan their training so they can emerge as a strong, fit and resilient athlete.

Develop Your Winning Mindset

Most junior athletes are 'confidence' athletes. When they're confident, things go well. They play naturally and they walk away smiling. When they lack confidence, their performance really suffers. Their head drops, they play within themselves, and they fall out of love with the sport they enjoy so much.

Developing mental toughness through Mental Performance Training is the key to performing at their best during the moments it counts the most -- when things get hard and don't go their way.

We help our emerging athletes rise to the occasion when the pressure is on and turn dreams into reality through mental skills training that helps them develop the grit and self-belief to make it happen. Consider what the great Michael Jordan said:

“The mental part is the hardest part and I think that’s what separates the good players from the great ones.”

Just like MJ, Tiger Woods & Michael Phelps, all the greatest athletes realise that physical preparation is not enough to go from good to great. That's why all our athletes work on their mental preparation, as well as their physical preparation, developing positive routines and rituals, helping them deal with adversity, and improving their self-talk.

By the end of your first mental skills session, you'll be on your way to developing a winning mindset and will be ready to join our EAP.

Once your program has been designed and coordinated into your schedule, you'll be ready to get to work.

We'll Create Your Individualised Program

With the important foundations laid for success, we'll get to work designing your child's individualised program. This program will take into account their weaknesses, strengths and blind spots and seamlessly fit their training program into your life schedule. All their strength and power training, fitness and conditioning, and, sprint mechanics will be customised based on what they need to maximise their sporting potential.

Once your child's program is designed and coordinated with your schedule, they'll be ready to join our program and get to work.

Start Training & Putting In The Work

With the preparation for training complete, it's now time to get to work and prepare for competition.

Your child will join our Emerging Athlete Program (EAP) and join up to 14 other junior athletes in our small training squads who want the same thing -- to succeed in sport.

Under the guidance of our expert coaching and rehab staff, they will complete their training program at our state-of-the-art facility. Every week, they'll take a small step forward to improving their athleticism.

Over time, these gains 'aggregate' to the point where they're stronger, faster, fitter and more athletic.

Events that would otherwise injure them, don't.

Events that would otherwise rattle their confidence, don't.

Events that would normally make their head drop, will make them more determined.

With the right preparation, anything in sport is possible.


Our training philosophy for junior athletes is simple: Help our aspiring athletes become more athletic through adolescence to set them up for success.

That's because we believe athleticism underpins great performances. Find out more about our training values here.

1. Assessment & Testing To Showcase Their Results

Mia | Strength Testing

Every athlete deserves to see the fruits of their hard work. That's why we test our athletes -- we want to be able to make it easy for our emerging athletes to see how their hard work is paying off. We test our athletes across the 5 domains that matter: movement quality, strength, power and speed, fitness and injury risk. As the old saying goes: "What doesn't get measured, doesn't get improved."

2. Movement Coordination For A More Consistent Mover

Movement Foundations | Athletes Authority

When junior athletes move well, they are already giving themselves a competitive edge. We believe that the juniors who are the most athletic are also the most likely to produce standout performances. The first thing we focus on is laying rock-solid movement foundations that form the bedrock of strong, powerful and athletic athletes.

3. Strength For Physicality & Injury Protection

Athletes Authority | Strength & Power

We believe that the best ability is availability. Research has already identified that strength training reduces injury risk in adolescents (read the paper here). When junior athletes are weak, it's only a matter of time until they break. It's simple laws of biomechanics -- when their bodily tissues like their tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles can't handle the force of sport, they break down. When junior athletes get strong, they protect themselves from injury, and that is the best asset of all. 

4. Plyometrics For Power & Force Development

Athletes Authority | Plyometrics for Power & Physicality

Most adolescents lack power production so when you see a powerful athlete, they stand out. Plyometrics provides a fantastic way to increase power out on the field of play in a safe and graduated manner for growing athletes.

5. Sprint & Agility Training For Elite Athleticism

Speed Training

Most junior athletes are never taught how to run -- it's just something they do. It's no surprise that there are huge differences between speed and agility between athletes. While we can't change your child's genes, we can change their running efficiency and optimise their mechanics. 

6. Mental Skills Coaching For A Natural Competitor

Mental Skills Coaching

The right physical preparation isn't always enough. For a lot of athletes, the mental side of sports performance gets in the way of a natural, confident athlete. Our mental skills coaching helps athletes develop confidence in their ability and feel natural in the moments it counts the most.



Lachlan Wilmot | Parramatta Eels | Athletes Authority

From: Lachlan Wilmot

Re: How to help young athletes emerge as champions.

There are two things that every junior athlete desires.
The first is to rise up to their expectations and compete with confidence. The second is to win and pursue their childhood dreams.
But most talented junior athletes fall short, for no fault of their own. 
Most of the time, it's not because they weren't good enough or that they didn't have the right mix of genetics and talent.
It's because they weren't prepared physically and mentally.
Whether that shows up as niggling injuries they can't get over...
Or playing within themselves because they lack confidence...
Or never having the self-belief to fully commit to the life as an aspiring athlete...
No matter what the hurdle ends up becoming, a more effective preparation is the answer. When you're better prepared, you're putting yourself in a prime position to succeed.
That's why our program helps athletes build lasting confidence through a quality mental and physical preparation.
It helps athletes believe that "I am prepared and I am here to win."
This isn't an empty promise. I've tried and tested our training philosophies over the last twelve years in pro sport and amongst my U12-18's combined NSW & ACT AFL squads. During that time, I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the highest-paid athletes in Australia, and the most talented. My job is and has always been, to optimally prepare my athletes to succeed.
If you want a complete system that prepares you for sporting success, the EAP is for you. If you want to rid of the overwhelm that comes with juggling training and all your other commitments, the EAP is for you. And, if you want to put the odds in your favour that you reach higher and achieve more in sport, the EAP is for you.


☑️  The comprehensive performance testing we do with all our emerging athletes will help create a GamePlan that sets them up for long-term success. By the end of the testing session, we will know exactly what the athlete needs to become more athletic for sport. 

☑️  The programs we write are individualised and progressed with our famous training systems. They are then coordinated seamlessly around each athletes' unique training schedules. No matter how busy sport (and life) is, we make it easy for parents to look after their kids. Strength training, speed training, recovery sessions... all of this is included in our athletes' training.

☑️  Our small-squad training schedule means our emerging athletes never have to train without the watchful supervision of the experts. Whether they're in the gym for a strength & power session, on the field for a speed session, or joining our rehab sessions to get over a niggling injury, we have you covered. 

☑️  Every session in your kids' training week is supervised by some of the most experienced coaches in the country, all having worked in pro-sport with Australia's best athletes. Your son or daughter's training will be in safe hands. 

☑️  We're not just a 'gym', and our training doesn't start and end with just physical training programs. Our emerging athletes also work closely with our mental skills coaches to master their mental game and establish the habits, routines and mindsets of a champion athlete.

☑️  If ever your kid gets a niggle or needs extra maintenance during intense competition periods, all our athletes get supported with discounted Sports Physiotherapy. In most cases, standard private health care allowances will cover all the costs -- meaning there is no gap for you to pay.









When you join the Emerging Athlete Program, you'll have everything you need to feel fully prepared.

  • You'll be able to stop guessing about your athletic performance and guarantee your results.
  • You'll have unwavering confidence in your physical and mental ability to perform.
  • You'll have the confidence knowing you've done everything you can to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  • And you'll be able to stop doubting yourself in the moments that it counts the most.


Emerging Athlete Program

Our Flagship Program For Junior Athletes

  • 4 x Performance Testing ($2788 value)
  • Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access ($4160 value)
  • Speed/Agility Field Sessions ($2500 value)
  • Individualised Programs ($2500 value)
  • Unlimited NormaTec Recovery Boots ($1300 value)
  • Master Your Mental Game ($997 value)
  • Initial Mental Skills Assessment ($200 Value)

Total Value If Purchased Separately: $14,245

Your Investment: $127/wk

Full-season training package. For shorter durations, extra charges may apply.

Elite Emerging Athlete Program

For Unmatched Support Including 2 x 1:1 Coaching Per Week

  • 4 x Performance Testing ($2788 value)
  • Individualised Programs ($2500 value)
  • Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access ($4160 value)
  • Speed/Agility Field Sessions ($2500 value)
  • GPS Unit for running loads and load management ($1000 value)
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session ($11,400)
  • Weekly 1:1 Mental Skills Coaching Session ($5200 Value)

Total Value If Purchased Separately: $25,345

Your Investment: $397/wk



We Are The Only Performance Facility In Sydney To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is...

We stand by our results. If after your first performance re-assessment you haven't improved, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. We don’t make excuses, we just get results. If you aren’t head over heels thrilled with your training experience with us, then we don’t deserve your money. Simple. There is not a stronger guarantee than this in the market.

Guarantee | Athletes Authority