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Are you currently injured and needing a way to get back to walking or running pain-free? Or maybe you're an athlete who needs to increase their training mileage without putting extra stress on the body? Our Anti-Gravity Treadmill gives you the opportunity to rehab from surgery, or continue to train during injury without pain. The unique unweighting technology reduces the impact of walking or running, while your body goes through the normal healing process.
  • Walk or run anywhere between 20 and 100 percent of your normal body weight.
  • Easily adjust your bodyweight until you can walk or run pain-free.
  • Allow yourself a safe and gradual progression back to full recovery.
  • Reduce the load on soft-tissues and joints that might not be able to handle the full impact of running outside.
AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Are you struggling with one of the following problems?

After an injury, it's common for athletes to de-train. They lose fitness and lose confidence. With an Anti-Gravity treadmill, you can maintain, or even improve fitness during an injury of the foot, ankle, knee or hip instead of falling even further behind.

During end-stage rehabilitation, it's common for athletes to accelerate their return to running, only to face the consequences of returning to early. By using an Anti-Gravity treadmill, you can ease yourself back into full intensity running without the risk of going backwards.

If you're an athlete who doesn't want to risk getting anything wrong, using the Anti-Gravity treadmill once you've been given clearance to walk or run will ensure that you put the odds of a successful return in your favour by graduating your body back to full training loads. Trusted by NASA and world-class athletes, Anti-Gravity treadmills are leading the market in body-weight assisted running technology and will allow you to take great leaps forward in your training from day 1.

If you're unable to walk without pain or discomfort, there isn't much that you can do that doesn't frustrate you. Not only is your training affected, but so is your life. Using an Anti-Gravity treadmill to slowly graduate you toward walking pain free could literally, change your life.

Designed By NASA. Used By World-Class Athletes.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Technology is now available at Athletes Authority, Artarmon. Designed by NASA to reintroduce astronauts to gravity after space missions, it will help you get back to full health. Designed in the US Anti-Gravity treadmills have been used by the world's fastest runners, professional sporting associations both in Australia (AFL, NRL, AIS) and across the world (NBA, NFL, EPL), and, in sports medicine clinics to rehabilitate injury or regress disease for over ten years.
The Anti-Gravity Treadmill is backed by clinical research. Read the research by clicking below.


See what the official Olympic Channel says about Anti-Gravity Treadmills.

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If you want to use our Anti-Gravity Treadmill to rehabilitate your injury or add extra training mileage without the normal stress on your body, book in your session below. These sessions are covered by Private Health Care under your physiotherapy allowances.

Anti-Gravity Pricing

Using the Anti-Gravity Treadmill is covered under private health care physiotherapy allowances. Often, these are also covered by sports bodies' insurance policies and can be claimed back entirely.

Single Session

Up To 60 Minutes


+ Use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill for up to 60 minutes.

Recovery Membership

Up To 60 minutes P/Session

$66 p/w*

+ Use the Anti-Gravity Treadmill as many times as you'd like per week.
+ Includes unlimited use of the NormaTec compression system.
+ Gym Access 5am - 12 Midnight, 7 days.
+ Initial Cost of $110 AUD to buy your own pair of pants.

*Minimum 12 week commitment. $143 Joining Fee to purchase AlterG shorts.