Bulletproof Your Hamstrings With The Single-Leg RDL

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How To Bulletproof Your Hamstrings With The Single-Leg RDL Quick Summary: Single Leg RDL’s (Romanian Deadlifts), are hard, but a necessary exercise if you want to optimise sports performance. Following a correct progression makes sure you get the chance to progress safely and get the most out of the drill. The Single-Leg RDL builds hamstring […]

How Eccentric Training Makes Athletes Stronger & More Powerful For Sport

Utilising Eccentrics In Your Training Program For More Strength & Injury Resilience As An Athlete Eccentric actions refer to an athlete’s muscle belly that is resisting the act of lengthening; the muscle is exerting force while being lengthened.  Imagine a tug of war against someone much larger than yourself… you are resisting movement, but inevitably […]

Why The Nervous System Matters For Athletes

Why The Nervous System Matters When most athletes train, their focus is on improving or altering the physiological capacity of the muscle – whether that be through increasing density, volume, or altering the length. Similarly, most of the research around adaptations to training usually focus on the physiological changes that occur – changes to the […]

The Role and Importance of Contrast Training In Athlete Development

Contrast Training One of the most effective training methods for developing the whole range of the force velocity curve is contrast training. The principle of this method revolves around its capacity to provide a more complete development of the motor capacities and strength qualities by varying the external load during the workout, exercise or (with […]

Principles Over Methods: The Role and Importance of Plyometric Training

Plyometrics Almost every athlete wants to be more explosive. They see themselves running faster, cutting with more intent, jumping higher, or in collision sports, being the dominant contact. Plyometrics is a special form of strength training because it involves exercises where there is an important build up of kinetic energy as the body absorbs the […]

Principles Over Methods: The Role and Importance of Concentric Action Training

Concentric Action Training The concentric component of a lift is officially called the miometric action, but more simply (and how I’ll refer to it), as the overcoming portion of the lift. It’s the most sport specific muscle action, as ‘overcoming’ a resistance is the basis of all sporting actions and everyday activities. Concentric Action Training […]

The Utility Of Isometrics In Strength Training Prescription

The Utility Of Isometrics In Strength Training Prescription We’ve all probably experienced a physical stalemate. Whether that be an arm wrestle or a rugby scrum, despite a lot of effort being applied, there is little to no movement. This type of physical activity can be broadly referred to as isometric exercise, which involves the muscle […]

The 5 Key Components to Develop a Sport-Specific Strength Program

What You Need To Know As A Coach & Athlete As a coach, you make your money on your ability to improve the general qualities of an athlete so they perform better at their sport. You know that over the course of a training intervention, weight on the bar needs to increase. You know their […]

Strength Training Considerations for Junior Athletes

Youth Athlete Development Strength and Conditioning for our youth and adolescence during their formative years of motor development has only recently reached mainstream popularity; it was only nine years ago during a shoe fitting by an ‘expert’ I was told to not go to the gym until I was 18, in fear of compressing my […]