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Get Back To Doing What You Love Faster

Our Sports Physiotherapy System Integrates The Most Advanced Rehabilitation Systems At Our High Performance Training Facility To Get You Back In The Game, Faster.
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We understand how frustrating it is to be injured.

Instead of the restrictive costs of high-quality Sports Physiotherapy, we provide *NO-GAPS Physiotherapy services. Less out of pocket costs for you means you get to the physio finish line, faster. Conditions apply (see the pricing schedule at the bottom of this page).

Are you struggling with one of the following problems?

Not having an expert Physiotherapist with years of professional sporting experience accurately diagnose your injury puts you in no man's land. If you want a professional assessment and diagnosis so you can understand your rehabilitation pathway back to sport and competition, then you've come to the right facility. We understand athletes, so we understand you.

For some athletes, you might feel like the advice you're getting right now isn't working for you and your injury. If you want an expert, second opinion, or would like to revisit your treatment strategy and return to performance (RTP) plan, then our Sports Physiotherapy team can help.

If you're an athlete who doesn't want to risk getting anything wrong, working with an expert Physiotherapist with a professional track record of success might be your preferred option.

Like a formula one race car, you can't afford to wait till things go wrong. Taking a pro-active approach to your niggles will keep you out on the park, and that's exactly what you want.

There is nothing more demoralising and frustrating than being held back by a chronic injury. If you're tired of missing out on sport and in life, it might be time to take the high-performance Sports Physiotherapy approach.


10,000+ Athlete Rehab Hours Completed

With over 6 years in professional sport, it's been our job to get athletes safely back on the park, as fast as possible.
We want every athlete who walks into our performance facility at Athletes Authority to return to sport better than ever. Combined with our expert end-stage rehabilitation system and performance programs, you could not be in safer hands.


Nalesh Murti Athletes Authority


Athletic Performance Physiotherapist

Nalesh has spent the last six years as the Athletic Performance Physiotherapist for the GWS Giants in the AFL and AFLW. 

His career in professional sport has seen him work extensively with elite athletes at the highest level of their game. Managing injuries that range from the acute-stage to end-stage rehabilitation. His philosophy aims to address long term athletic development and bring high performance rehabilitation to athletes.

He's worked within a performance unit in close proximity with rehabilitation coaches, strength & power coaches, head coaches and high-performance managers orientated towards optimising robust and high performing athletes, making him an asset on your journey to rehabilitation. 

Book Your Initial Appointment

For athletes, getting off to the best start possible with your rehabilitation is a must. When you join our coaching programs, we will spend 60mins with you to thoroughly assess and diagnose your injury, understand your goals, and commence immediate and effective treatment. This initial treatment for most athletes, will have no out of pocket-expenses* with private health care.


Whether you play a sport for its social involvement or because you're highly competitive, pain and injury can leave you feeling like a part of you is 'missing.' In our experience, athletes simply aren't the same when they can't compete in the sport they love. 

With an early, accurate assessment and diagnosis, comprehensive treatment plan, and, at a cost that won't break the bank, we can guarantee a safe, speedy return to sport and competition.

We understand that each injury affects every athlete differently, and a completely unique approach is required to provide best-in-class Sports Physiotherapy 

Our physiotherapists are experienced at assessing, diagnosing and treating sports injuries and returning athletes to their sport, without the fear of reoccurrence.

  • Achilles Tendon Injuries
  • Achilles Tendon Surgical Repair Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Ankle Ligament Tears (Grade 1-3)
  • Fractures, Including Casting, Post-Op and Non-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Bursitis
  • Compartment Syndrome
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Tendinosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Muscular Injuries: Gastrocnemius/Soleus/Tibialis Posterior
  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Lumbar Spine Referral
  • Overuse/Overtraining Injuries
  • Stress Fractures
  • Growth Plate (Epiphyseal) Pain and Dysfunction, Including: Osgood Schlatters Disease/Severs Disease/Sinding-Larsen-Johansson Disease
  • Anterior Cruciate Injury (ACL): Pre and Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Posterior Cruciate Injury (PCL)
  • Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Tear (Grade 1-3), Including Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) Tear (Grade 1-3), Including Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Knee Joint Pain and Dysfunction
  • Bursitis
  • Fracture: Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Meniscal Tears and Impingement, and Rehabilitation
  • Tendon Injury
  • Tendinosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome
  • Patellofemoral Joint Pain and Dysfunction
  • Insertional Tears of Quadriceps, Hamstring, and Calf
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle Injuries
  • Hamstring Tears with/without Lumbar/Sciatic Nerve Involvement;
  • Adductor (Groin) Tears and Quadriceps Tears
  • Tendon Injuries and Surgical Repair Post-Op Rehabilitation
  • Overuse/Overtraining Injuries
  • Hip-Lumbar Spine Pain and Dysfunction
  • Gluteus Medius Tendinosis
  • Hip Pointer
  • Osteitis Pubis

• Osteoarthritis
• Facet Joint Injuries
• Costovertebral Joint Injuries
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Disc Injuries
• Radicular and Referred Pain
• Neural Tension
• Rib Fracture and Injuries
• Rib Cartilage
• Intercostal Injuries

Instability: Subluxation and Dislocation
• Joint Pain and Dysfunction
• Acromioclavicular Injury
• Sternoclavicular Injury
• Capsulitis
• Adhesive Capsulitis
• Rotator Cuff Impingement
• Rotator Cuff Tear: Partial and Complete
• Rotator Cuff/Acromioplasty/Stabilization Post-Op Rehabilitation
• Bursitis
• Fracture: Post-Op and Non-Operative Rehabilitation
• Burner/ Stinger Syndrome
• Muscle Injuries
• Tendon Injuries
• Glenoid Labrum Injury and Rehabilitation
• Scapular Fracture Rehabilitation
• Scapulothoracic Joint Dysfunction
• Cervical Spine-Shoulder Pain and Dysfunction

• Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)
• Medial Epicondylitis (Golfers Elbow)
• Bursitis
• Muscle Injury
• Tendon Injury
• Fractures, Including Casting and Rehabilitation
• Osteoarthritis
• Overuse/Overtraining Injuries
• Wrist, Hand, and Finger Injuries
• Osteoarthritis
• Tendon Injuries and Rupture
• Overuse/Overtraining Injuries
• Fractures, Including Casting, Post-Op and Non-Operative Rehabilitation
• Trigger Finger
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Finger Dislocations

  • Individualised and progressive running & gym-based rehabilitation programs for your injury tailored to your sport.
  • Performance & clearance testing to provide athletes with necessary information that can be utilised for injury prevention and optimising their performance.

Sports Physiotherapy Pricing

Our packages are covered under private health care physiotherapy allowances. Often, these are also covered by sports bodies' insurance policies and can be claimed back entirely. Please note: these packages are only available for athletes who are part of our coaching programs. Standard physiotherapy rates of $170 and $130 apply for initial and follow-up consults, respectively for patients not associated with our coaching programs.

Initial Consultation

60 mins


*This is halved for athletes who join our programs.

+ Subjective Assessment
+ Physical Examination & Diagnosis
+ Individualised Treatment
+ Treatment Plan delivered via Smartphone App

*When you join our rehab or performance programs, the cost of physio is halved. In the event your private health care insurance does not cover this cost, you will be required to pay the difference.

Follow-Up Consultation

30 mins


*Conditions Apply

+ Subjective Assessment
+ Individualised Treatment
+ Treatment Plan Review
+ Gym Access Free For Rehab Use

*Minimum cost $55. In the event your private health care insurance does not cover this minimum, you will be required to pay the difference. Future consults will incur our follow up consult fee of $55 under the same conditions.