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Athlete: Sarah Hunter

Team: Young Matilda's & Women's A-LEAGUE

Young Matildas Sarah Hunter came to us wanting to bulletproof her body and reduce the risk of injury in-season after having a stop-start couple of years with injury as a junior. Hear why she’s so excited to continue her athletic preparation at Athletes Authority after having a full year without a single injury putting her on the sideline.

Athlete: Billy Blair

SPORT: Track
GOAL: Return To Nationals

After seeing the X-Ray of Billy’s injury, you would have thought it happened in a car crash. But it happened on a rugby field. 

A talented 14-year-old preparing for nationals 8 months later where he was hoping to contend for a few gold medals. But in one bad tackle, Billy had snapped his tibia and fibula, and the whole plan of nationals was thrown out the window. The surgeon said: “if you’re able to even run at nationals, you should be happy with that.” 

But Billy, being the ruthless competitor he is, didn’t take no for an answer. Instead, we did everything we could to not just return him, but return him, to win. Billy’s work ethic was tireless. He did everything we asked to a tee. Despite the low % chance, Billy made it to nationals, but what happened next very few people predicted (except the guys close to him). Billy walked away with multiple golds, silvers and a bronze. It’s a good reminder that we’ll often underestimate what is possible with the right team around you. 

We’re so glad to be a part of Billy’s incredible team.. including his incredible parents and stellar track coach But the full credit needs to go to Billy. We only know a couple of people like him… and they are all champions. 

The future is bright for this young superstar.

Athlete: Ally Green

SPORT: Football

In our world, there isn’t anything better than hearing an athlete that you care about is heading overseas to realise a childhood dream. For Ally, that dream is now a reality. 

For professional athletes like her (especially like her) who don’t have the luxury of not needing a job to offset wages… Your body cops a beating, week in, week out and optimising your training and recovery can be a minefield. That’s why having direction around how to optimise your training to actually feel better in season can be such an advantage. And after spending the last year with us, Ally now understands how important it is to look after her body at the highest level. 

We’ve spent bordering on two decades understanding the challenges of juggling sport with life. Some are juggling studies, others full-time work. And for most professional athletes that we work with, finding expert advice for training and recovery is a Godsend. 

And for Ally, that “pivotal decision definitely paid off.” That’s what being an AA athlete is all about. You play sport. We do the rest.

Athlete: Luka Prso

SPORT: Football
Goal: Improve performance during professional season

“I came to Athletes Authority because I was looking for a place that had everything covered.” 

Professional footballer Luka understood that when it comes to professional sport, the difference between winning and losing can come down to a single percentage point… 

1% here… Another 1% there. 

Tiny margins that add up to making that game changing play, or just missing it by an inch. When you’re job is to win, every detail matters. 

That’s why we made sure Luka was covering all bases; we fine-tuned his movement patterns, tweaked his loads, and optimised his recovery. That way, he could show up in the moments it counted the most. … 

And it worked, he secured another professional contract with Melbourne Victory.

For athletes it can be the 1% difference that can make or break a career… and that’s why we exist… 

… Because athletes deserve a gym that’s built for them.

Georgia Yeoman-Dale

“Athletes Authority provided me with the best support I’ve ever received. My physical condition has never been better. I’m stronger, faster, fitter and more injury resilient than I’ve ever been before.”

Tepai Moeroa

“Lachie is definitely one of the most knowledgeable S&C coaches I’ve had the pleasure of training under, not only in his set programs but in his ability to adapt and modify programs to be able to get the best out of his athletes. What I most appreciate from being coached by Lachie is that he not only coaches you as an athlete but he teaches you as a student how to and why to perform certain lifts and what benefits you gain from them.”

BQ | Athletes Authority

Brandon Quinn

“Training at Athletes Authority was some of the best training I ever did. When I joined I was working through a frustrating groin rehab, when I left I had my first pro contract.”

Athlete: Lexie Moreno

Team: Perth Glory/Blacktown City

“Being here is hard to put into words.”

We’ve absolutely loved having Lexie the last couple of months and the progress she’s made already is unreal. She is on the hunt for an A-League Women’s contract and that outcome is all but guaranteed.

Her strength, power and athleticism have already started climbing and we’re only a few months in. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

Athlete: Charlie Hannell

SPORT: Rugby
GOAL: Knee Rehabilitation

Charlie avoided injury for his whole rugby career… until an ACL rupture caught him off guard. Despite getting great physiotherapy support, Charlie knew that if he was going to get back to doing what he loved, he’d need more than just good rehab — he’d need a great facility, great coaches and a great culture & community.

Hear what Charlie had to say about Athletes Authority.

Athlete: Bryleeh Henry

SPORT: Football
Team: Matildas

Bryleeh is a Matilda and superstar of the Western Sydney Wanderers. Safe to say she’s had to perform at the highest level. Despite having all the services that come with being a professional athlete, she still wanted to be here.

Because Bryleeh knows something that even some elite athletes don’t. And that is this: While the difference between good and great is talent and hard work… The difference between great and elite can be less than 1%. So when you’re competing at the highest level in the world, 1% can make all the difference.

Hear why Bryleeh chose Athletes Authority for her physical preparation.

Athlete: Erick Garcia

SPORT: basketball
Goal: Professional contract in home country of the Philippines

After two years with us, Erick received the news he was always hoping for:

He’d been offered a professional contract back home in the Philippines.

So while that meant that we were saying goodbye, it was all smiles because Erick’s dream had come true.

He made incredible progress during his time with us, and he shares his experience on camera.

Athlete: Nicki Flannery

Team: Canberra United & Matildas squad

You’ve probably heard the old cliche, the comeback is always stronger than the setback. It’s a cliche because it’s true, but it means everything to our superstar Nicki Flannery.

She’s looked straight down the barrel of a 12 month ACL rehab and turned a setback into the longest pre-season of her life. But it wasn’t easy…

First COVID hit, meaning almost complete isolation from her football teammates and friends. Then a second surgery, meaning taking a few hard-earned steps back in the rehab journey.

But she never gave up, literally one foot in front of the other, no obstacle was too big. 

We’re so excited to say that she’s returned to football and is looking stronger, fitter and faster than ever. It’s onwards and upwards form here.

Athlete: Lauren Kier

SPORT: Football
GOAL: Improve Strength, Power & Speed

One of the most powerful habits of highly effective athletes is beginning with the end in mind. The more you have an ideal picture in your mind of who you want to be, the easier it is to act that out. 

For Lauren Kier, she knew that with the right support, environment and quality training, a faster, sharper & more athletic physique was inevitable. And even though it’s only been 4 weeks, she’s already seeing great progress. That’s because when you start with the end in mind, there are two transformations that take place. The first is the mental one. This benefits from action. 

You gain mental athleticism simply as a result of doing. ‘Doing’ creates momentum and when that is channelled, you become hard to stop. The second transformation is the physical one — that’s the end goal… and while Lauren has only been here a month, she already can see that goal and how her actions are going to get her there. 

If you feel stuck with training, you can always do what Lauren did and start by asking yourself: “Who do I want to be?” 

With that clear in your mind, it’s far easier than you think to work back from there. We sat down with Lauren to talk about this breakthrough in thinking.

Clint Gutherson

“Love working with Lachie, a coach that values an athlete’s feedback and implements it into their training program. Rare to have a coach with so much knowledge yet always looking to improve. Knowing every athlete was an individual and doing his best to come up with a plan to suit. The best always look to get better.”

Dylan Shiel

“It is rare to be coached by someone who has an abundance of knowledge but also the drive to learn. He listens to the athlete and works with them to get the best out of themselves. I was fortunate to work with Lachie for 5+ years, he is the reason I am the athlete in strength and conditioning I am today.”

Zac Williams

“Working with Lachie at the GWS Giants was a great benefit to myself, as I didn’t know much about strength and conditioning as an 18 year old. He made it simple and clear in what I needed to do over the few years to be able to play AFL at the top level. It was amazing to have a coach take the time and effort to prepare & make me the best player I could be. Lachie has set me up to be the player I am today.”

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