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introducing the unrivalled TRAINING SYSTEM that is guaranteed to improve your sports Performance…  Or your money back.

why are athletes not told these Facts?

Every athlete deserves to know the truth:

  • It is no longer enough just to be talented. With the physical demands of sport increasing at a rapid rate, athletes who do not maximise their strength, power & speed are at an immediate disadvantage.

  • If you don’t choose to optimise your physical performance and tap into a new level of athleticism, it’s inevitable that time will make you weaker, slower and more susceptible to injury.

  • And, even if you do try and improve your athleticism and reduce your injury risk with a generic strength & conditioning programs or training gimmicks that don’t work, more times than not, it will make you worse, not better.

Here’s the thing…

If simply ticking the box was enough…

…We’d expect to see resilient, powerful and confident athletes everywhere around us.

But we don’t.

We all see the opposite, don’t we? Most athletes get caught in a spiral of injuries they can never overcome, while others simply never tap into their full athletic potential. 

This is not their fault.

Most strength & conditioning programs are either full of gimmicks that look good on social media but completely fail in practice to transfer to the field of play…

Or they’re so generic they lack the individualisation that really takes an athlete’s performance to a new level.

But why does this matter?

Unless you’re already in a national institute program or you’ve been a professional athlete in a well-funded sports governing body…

The insights, systems and training secrets that consistently produce world-class, elite athletes has been locked behind closed doors where you can’t get access to them…

So while the professional athletes are doing what works, you’re left with no choice but to choose a generic program and miss out on your unique opportunities as an athlete… 


Choose the gimmicks instead… which the real specialists know is a waste of time. Either way, it’s not a winning strategy.

Until now.

For the first time, the Athlete Development Program takes these “trade secrets” from professional sport and puts them in the hands of every athlete hungry for a legal, competitive advantage so that every athlete can feel fully prepared…

Because when winning is the goal… 

You need a fully-integrated system for athlete development that will make sure you can show up in the moments that count the most.

BH | Athletes Authority

The Athlete Development Program

For Athletes Who Are Hungry For A Competitive Edge


We've Been Trusted

Clint Gutherson

“Love working with Lachie, a coach that values an athlete’s feedback and implements it into their training program. Rare to have a coach with so much knowledge yet always looking to improve. Knowing every athlete was an individual and doing his best to come up with a plan to suit. The best always look to get better.”

Dylan Shiel

“It is rare to be coached by someone who has an abundance of knowledge but also the drive to learn. He listens to the athlete and works with them to get the best out of themselves. I was fortunate to work with Lachie for 5+ years, he is the reason I am the athlete in strength and conditioning I am today.”

Zac Williams

“Working with Lachie at the GWS Giants was a great benefit to myself, as I didn’t know much about strength and conditioning as an 18 year old. He made it simple and clear in what I needed to do over the few years to be able to play AFL at the top level. It was amazing to have a coach take the time and effort to prepare & make me the best player I could be. Lachie has set me up to be the player I am today.”

Here's Why athletes are calling our strength & conditioning program:

"The ultimate competitive advantage"



your very own dedicated coach who will individualise your training every week

When you have a specialist team behind you making sure no stone is left unturned, you're able to breakthrough your current limits and set a new standard of performance.


your training program is driven by data & insights that optimise your athletic profile

Take advantage of the latest cutting-edge sports science technology that pinpoints your areas of opportunity...

Athletes Authority Performance Testing


you will tap into a new level of strength that transfers to the field of play

Our training system ensures that you feel the difference in your performance on the field of play... where it maters the most.


sharpen reaction time & build explosive power so you win the big moments

When winning and losing is measured in centimetres and milliseconds, every little bit counts.

Speed and Agility | Athletes Authority
Athletes Authority | Speed Mechanics



Our speed & agility coaching makes sure you enhance the most sought-after, in-demand athletic ability -- true speed.


enhance your recovery so you can feel great on a quick turn-around

Fatigue doesn't just reduce performance, but it increases injury risk as well. Utilise our recovery system so you can bounce back after training and competition and perform, week in, week out.

Revolutionise Your Recovery With Our 10 Degree Plunge Pool and Spa


mental skills training helps you master the game inside your head.

Peak performance isn't just physical. The best athletes understand that developing a mental edge isn't just an advantage... but a necessity.


have a team of specialists in your corner with a world-class reputation

With over a decade in professional sport, our specialist team has worked with Australia's most prestigious sports organisations. like the GWS Giants, Parramatta Eels, NSW Swifts, Australian Wallaroos & the Fiji National Rugby League Team.

Athletes Authority Trusted By NSW Swifts
Our Physiotherapy Clinic and Attached Rehab Gym Facility Sets A New Standard In Sports Rehabilitation


gap-free sports physiotherapy at your fingertips

if you ever get a niggle, you'll get exclusive access to same day treatment. Our in-house Sports Physiotherapy team is ready whenever you need it.


surrounded by a professional training environment

Your training environment is the greatest legal competitive edge you have at your disposal. When you surround yourself around excellence, success becomes inevitable.

Carlton Blues Athletes Authority

it's worked for the pros. are you next?

more athlete

GYD 2015

Georgia Yeoman-Dale

“Athletes Authority provided me with the best support I’ve ever received. My physical condition has never been better. I’m stronger, faster, fitter and more injury resilient than I’ve ever been before. It’s hard to put it down to any one thing — it’s how everything came together that made the difference. The strength work, the speed work, the recovery, the mental skills training… it was the whole package.”

Tepai Moeroa

Tepai Moeroa

“Lachie is definitely one of the most knowledgeable S&C coaches I’ve had the pleasure of training under, not only in his set programs but in his ability to adapt and modify programs to be able to get the best out of his athletes. What I most appreciate from being coached by Lachie is that he not only coaches you as an athlete but he teaches you as a student how to and why to perform certain lifts and what benefits you gain from them.”

BQ | Athletes Authority

Brandon Quinn

“Training at Athletes Authority was some of the best training I ever did. When I joined I was working through a frustrating groin rehab… when I left I had my first pro contract.”

If You're Not Feeling At The Top Of Your Game...

then here is what's holding you back


your program is generic

If you’re following a generic program, the chances are you’ve been given that by someone at your club or, from someone online.

The problem with this one-size-fits-all approach is it fails to account for your individual needs and opportunities as an athlete. 

A generic program assumes that all athletes are the same… which they aren’t.

Even if the program claims to be sport-specific… it’s still not athlete-specific

Which means you’re leaving your results to chance.

And while it’s true that a generic program is better than no program at all…

That will only work for a short period of time until your results start to plateau.

If you want to unlock a whole new level of athleticism… then you need a program designed not only with your sport in mind… but with you in mind, too.

Athletes Authority Zercher Landmine


Your Program Is Isolated To The Weights Room

If your Strength & Conditioning program starts and ends with the weight-room, then you’re missing out on a major piece of the puzzle.

That’s because a great weight-room performance doesn’t mean you’ll have a great performance come game-time.

Lifting heavy in the gym means nothing if you’re stiff, rigid and un-athletic when you actually play your sport.

So unless you can also be the best on ground, then being strong in the gym doesn’t help.

That’s why a great S&C program will always make sure you can transfer your strength and power into athletic movements like sprinting, jumping and change of direction…

Because when you do this, you’ll become a far more complete athlete…

Athletes Authority Jumping Plyometric


You’re Not Training in A High-Performance Culture

It’s true that your training environment is one of the only legal, competitive advantage you have that is completely in your control.

Even if you have a great strength and conditioning program…

And great athletic talent…If you’re not training in an environment that breeds success…

And aren’t being supported by specialist coaches who have worked at the highest level in sport…

Around other athletes as hungry as you are…

Then even a great training program won’t be able to unlock your full athletic potential without the right team behind you.

Athletes Authority A-Frame

our key stats


Athletes who’ve gone pro


pro athletes coached


5-star google reviews

this is the simple formula...

for a bulletproof body, an athletic physique & a winners mindset.

From the desk of lachlan wilmot, founder & director of sports performance

Re: An athlete needs two things to succeed. Do you have them both?

After 14 years in pro sport working with teams like the GWS Giants in the AFL, the Parramatta Eels in the NRL and the NSW Swifts in the Super Netball…

And, spending a lot of time close to some of Australia’s most recognisable athletes…

I’ve realised that when you boil it all down…

There are only two things an athlete wants…

The first is to compete with confidence.

To do that, you need to have:

  • A bulletproof body that is protected from injury.
  • An athletic physique that is strong, fast and powerful…
  • And a mindset that never doubts itself in the big moments.

The second is to win. 

Lachlan Wilmot | Athletes Authority

That’s because there is nothing worse than doubting yourself in the moments that count the most… and nothing better than winning when everything is on the line.

But for most athletes, they never get the chance to win at the highest level.

And most of the time, it’s not because they weren’t good enough or that they didn’t have the right mix of genetics and talent.

It’s because they weren’t prepared.

Dylan Shiel Razor Curl | Lachlan Wilmot | Arhletes Authority

Whether that shows up as never getting over a string of injuries…

Never feeling like you’re reaching your potential…

Or never developing the confidence to fully commit.

No matter what the hurdle ends up becoming, a more effective preparation is the answer. When you’re better prepared, you’re putting yourself in a prime position to succeed.

That’s why our program helps athletes build lasting confidence through quality preparation.

It helps athletes believe that “I am prepared and I am here to win.”

Lachlan Wilmot Co-Owner Athletes Authority

This isn’t an empty promise. I’ve tried and tested our training philosophies with Australia’s best and highest-paid athletes.

My job is and has always been, to optimally prepare my athletes to succeed.

If you want a complete system that prepares you for sporting success…

If you want to simplify training and guarantee your results

And, if you want to put the odds in your favour that you reach higher and achieve more in sport…

Then joining the Athlete Development Program is your opportunity to unlock a new level of athleticism… 

Lachlan Wilmot Athletes Authority NSW Swifts

How it works

The training system we use in our Athlete Development Program works so well because it replicates the professional sporting environment. By re-creating a high-performance culture and providing you with the expertise of specialist coaches, we can foster an environment which makes success inevitable.

Or Your Money Back.

Watch the video to find out more.

still wondering if this is right for you?

what the pro's
are saying

Nathan Charles AA Athlete

Nathan Charles

“It was love at first sight. I don’t know where to start… An incredible facility, quality coaching, and a culture I’ve never seen before outside of professional sport. This is the place to be if you’re an aspiring athlete wanting more from your training.”

Jarryd Hayne | Lachlan Wilmot Testimonial

Jarryd Hayne

“Love working with Lachie, a coach that values an athlete’s feedback and implements it into their training program… Rare to have a coach with so much knowledge.”

Jack McGregor Athletes Authority

Jack McGregor

“Can’t beat the culture here. Loved my program… really helped me get in great shape prior to my pre-season starting, especially after my knee injury. It’s the best gym I’ve ever been too… I highly recommend.”

“Training at Athletes Authority was some of the best training I ever did. When I joined I was working through a frustrating groin rehab… when I left I had my first pro contract.”

the difference


it is the Only fully-integrated athlete performance system

Unless your individualised strength & conditioning program works synergestically alongside:

  • A high-performance training environment that breeds success…

  • Cutting-edge sports science technology that provides the most in-depth data and insights to identify the areas of opportunity in your game…

  •  Speed & Agility coaching that transfer the improvements of the gym out into the field of play…

  • Specialist S&C coaching with a track record of nurturing talent in professional sport…

  • Mental skills training to work on game psychology…

  • Optimisation of your nutrition so you can fuel winning performances…

  • A media team that produces content for you to use in promotions and with a player’s agent… 

  • Plus, a recovery system that helps you feel fresher while everyone else feels fatigued…

Then quite simply, nothing comes close to rivalling the Athlete Development Program.

Lachlan Wilmot | Parramatta Eels | Athletes Authority


our training system has been tested & proven at the highest level of australian sport

The best test of a training system isn’t with young and aspiring athletes who are yet to reach their peak… it’s with professionals who are already at the top of their game.

That’s because they’ve already maximised their talent and opportunity — so any improvements they make are far more likely to be as a result of increases to their athletic performance.

In the last 14 years, we’ve tested this training system at the highest level of sport, in high-pressure environments where every decision matters.

And it’s held up, time and time again and proven itself on the big stage. That’s why you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best on offer.



we're willing to put our money where our mouth is.

You’ve probably seen a lot of companies claim that they can “guarantee an improvement to your sports performance.”

But when you check the fine-print, there is no real guarantee.

That’s why we’re taking the word seriously and putting our commitment to you on the line.

We are so confident in the ability for the ADP to unlock a new level of athleticism for you that we’re willing to fully protect your investment with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If your athleticism hasn’t improved after your first re-testing with us, we’ll refund your money in full and rip up the agreement.

Not only that, but you’ll get to keep all the bonuses that come with your sign up and continue to get full benefit from them… for the rest of your sporting career.

And just in case you were wondering… we’ve never failed (not even once), to improve an athlete’s performance between testings…

So your success is all but inevitable. 

Maia Stewart

individual success stories

here is a handful of the athletes that love athletes authority.
listen to their stories.

here's why inaction is the enemy of your peak performance...

can you afford to delay elite athleticism
any longer?

Orson MMA Athletes Authority

you only have a small window of opportunity

An athlete only has a small time window to make a mark, get noticed, and create opportunities for their sporting career. With time ticking, do you want to delay reaching peak performance for the ‘perfect time’ (that doesn’t exist?)?

NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 30: Matildas applaud the fans during game two of the International Friendly series between the Australia Matildas and the United States of America Women's National Team at McDonald Jones Stadium on November 30, 2021 in Newcastle, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

this could be your breakout season

Over 350 athletes have already signed professional contracts while under our watch. For an athlete to sign a pro contract, they need to have a stat sheet worth taking notice of. Your athleticism could be that turning point that makes all the difference.

CR Athletes Authority

the more time you put into sport, the less you get out of it.

The more you rely on your sport to improve your performance, the less return you get from your time investment. This phenomena is called the Law of Diminishing Returns. The sooner you diversify into improving your athletic performance off the field of play, the faster you’ll see an incredible return for your hard work.

What's the investment?

When you join the Athlete Development Program, you’ll have everything you need to feel fully prepared:

  • You’ll be able to stop guessing about your athletic performance and guarantee your results.

  • You’ll have unwavering confidence in your physical and mental ability to perform.

  • And you’ll be able to stop doubting yourself in the moments that it counts the most.

Plus, your investment will be fully protected by our money-back guarantee… if you don’t improve your athleticism after your first re-testing, we’ll give your money back.

Athlete Development Program

Our Flagship Program
$ 147 per week
  • 8 x Performance Testing ($2788 value)
  • Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access ($4160 value)
  • Speed/Agility Field Sessions ($2500 value)
  • Your Own Personal strength & conditioning coach (Priceless)
  • Individualised Program ($2500 value)
  • Unlimited Program Revisions
  • Speed & Agility Coach (Priceless)
  • Unlimited Use Of Our Recovery Services ($2560 value)
  • Master Your Mental Game ($997 value)
  • Monthly Mental Skills Training ($1200 Value)
  • Unlimited Discounted Physiotherapy (50% Off Normal Price)
Money-Back Guarantee


For Unmatched Support Including 2x 1:1 Coaching Sessions
$ 397
per week
  • 8 x Performance Testing ($2788 value)
  • Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access ($4160 value)
  • Speed/Agility Field Sessions ($2500 value)
  • Speed & Agility Coach (Priceless)
  • Your Own Personalised Strength & Conditioning Coach (Priceless)
  • Individualised Programs ($2500 value)
  • Unlimited Program Revisions
  • Unlimited Use of Recovery Services ($2600 value)
  • Master Your Mental Game ($997 value)
  • GPS Unit for running loads and load management ($1000 value)
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session ($11,400)
  • Monthly Mental Skills Training ($1200 Value)

Our guarantee

We Are The Only Performance Facility In Sydney To Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is…

We stand by our results. If after your first performance re-assessment you haven’t improved, we’ll give you 100% of your money back. We believe so strongly in our ability to unlock a whole new level of athleticism that we’re willing to put it all on the line and take away all the risk for you. By doing it this way, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

if you don't unlock a new level of performance, you don't pay.

Here's Why we can make such a bold guarantee:

A wise old Proverb That Athletes Should Live By

To achieve what most can't, you have to do what most won’t.

Here's why success requires you to do the opposite of everyone else.

It’s that old idea of the herd mentality.

When it comes to strength and conditioning, almost every athlete is following some kind of S&C program.

And unless you’re following a fully-integrated program like ours (meaning, you’re a pro athlete within a fully funded organisation), it means that playing field has been levelled. There is no advantage when everyone is using it.

So if you’re an athlete that simply wants to tick the box… 

We are NOT the right program for you.

We believe that you accept the standards you walk past, and mediocrity is not something we’re going to accept.


If you’re an athlete that wants to make their athleticism their greatest asset, then you need to do what the herd is not doing.

And that is taking their strength and conditioning as an afterthought.

Many athletes are going through the motions wasting time they could be using to develop real-world strength, power and speed.

Now, you’ve got a decision to make…

Either keep your head down, stay with the herd, and do what everyone else is doing.


Unlock a new level of athleticism that takes your game to new heights.…

Choice is yours…

Click below to apply for the Athlete Development Program.

Athletes Authority NSW Swifts


The program

No two athletes are created equal, and because of that, all our programs are individualised as needed for our athletes. After completing your Elite Athlete GamePlan™, we will be able to identify exactly what you need to take your performance to the next level in a way that is unique to you.

We are constantly measuring an athlete’s performance. Whether that’s in day-to-day training and reporting, or more formally every twelve weeks with performance testing, we hold ourselves accountable to data. We believe that what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get improved.

All training programs are individualised for our athletes and for that reason, some athletes will see results with two sessions, while others might need more. We make suggestions on training frequency based on variables like your schedule, the training season you’re in, and, your training history. As a general rule, the higher your exposure to strength, power and speed training, the more likely it will be you need at least three sessions per week. If you’re more junior to this form of physical preparation training, two times per week usually works well.

We have a comprehensive small-team training schedule with over 16 sessions available every week. During these sessions, you will work with up to 14 other athletes with four coaches on duty. This makes sure we can keep a quality 4:1 ‘athlete:coach ratio’ so every athlete gets the attention they need.

Yes. For athletes who compete on their feet, speed, change of direction and agility usually contribute significantly to your best performance. Because of these reasons, we do specific speed and agility sessions on field to work on sprint & running mechanics so you move well, and move fast.

Because we train athletes, there is an expectation that there is a high level of maturity during our coaching sessions. While we don’t usually work with athletes less than twelve years old, one of our most mature athletes is ten (!!), so we take every application on a case by case basis. If we’re confident after meeting that you’ll fit our training culture well, we’ll invite you to join. If you’re just a little too young, we’ll let you know when we think you’ll be ready.

Sydney traffic can be a nightmare. If you really want our coaching and support but can’t make it regularly to our facility, we do provide online coaching. While it’s not cheaper in price (because we don’t see you in the facility, it’s actually more work to make sure you get the quality of service you deserve as we have to review all your training online), it is a great option when working with us in Artarmon isn’t. You can choose to train at your local facility or, hire gear from us as part of your program at no extra cost so you can train at home.

Yes. We provide equipment for all our athletes if they’d like to do one of their sessions at home. We’ll coordinate how to best go about this during your first week with us.

With your membership to the Athlete Development Program, you’ll receive:

– 4 x Performance Testing sessions per year
– Unlimited coaching within our small-team environment
– Full access to our facility
– Unlimited use of our recovery zone
– Your own individualised program
– Mindset coaching
– Speed, Agility & Running mechanics
– NO-GAPS Sports Physiotherapy (with a minimum $55 payment)

When you pay for these services separately, it could easily cost $14,000 per year. With the ADP membership, you’ll pay no more than $127 a week.

The Facility

We’re located at 16 Dickson Avenue in the heart of Artarmon. We’re just 6 minutes walk from both Artarmon & St Leonards station.

We’re open for Sports Physiotherapy Monday-Friday from 7 am – 7 pm. Bookings are available via our Sports Physiotherapy webpage.

Our training facility is open for coaching sessions Monday-Saturday with classes starting between 6:30 am and finishing at 7:30 pm.

For a copy of the current coaching, please reach out to us via our contact form.


You didn’t get to where you are now overnight, and you won’t get to where you want to go with a quick-fix, either.

You’ve probably heard that saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The same thing applies to your ambition in sport:

“Great athletes weren’t built in a day.”

That’s why our program works in season cycles. It gives us enough time for our expertise and training systems to combine with your work ethic to get incredible results.

A lot of athletes (especially at the higher levels of sport) only have three and six-month blocks available to them before their other commitments recommence. If you’re an athlete in that position, we can still help. We’ll assess your situation on a case-by-case basis and if it makes sense for you to join our program, we’ll get the wheels in motion. Extra fees may apply.

There are two options for payment.

Our yearly commitment upfront is a flat fee of $5000. This is a $1600 or 22% saving.

More commonly, our athletes pay weekly on a direct debit membership. The cost is $127 per week.

Absolutely. We provide up to 6 weeks per year at no cost. This will extend the length of your membership proportionate to the membership suspension. For longer durations, fees may apply to maintain your position in our program (because we have a capacity 120 athletes at any one time).

In some cases, we do look after athletes remotely. If you live interstate or can’t make it to the facility, please reach out to us and we’ll assess if we can help. Most of the time, we’ll refer you to a coach we recommend in your city, because nothing beats coaching and accountability in the flesh. However, if you really want to work with us, we can explore that option with you.


The cost of joining the ADP for the year is $7644. Flexible payment terms are available through our payment partner Zip Money offering 12 months of interest free payments. This comes out to $21 per day or $147 p/w.

Yes. When you pay upfront for the year, you’ll receive $1600 off the yearly fee.

There are lot of inclusions in the program that you don’t pay for that we build into the yearly subscription. If you choose to work with us for a shorter period of time (via application only and typically on for Fly-In, Fly-Out professional athletes), we have to account for these extra inclusions. We also want to incentivise those that are truly committed to the process.

We totally understand. Both Karl and Lachlan worked at big commercial gyms and understand how a lot of trust has been lost with gyms and direct debit (DD) memberships. If you don’t feel comfortable setting up a DD with us, paying upfront for the year is still available to you.

View our Schedule

With over 80 sessions offered every week, our programs give you maximum flexibility to train when it’s easiest for you. Click the link below to open a pop-up to see our schedule.

more proof that this works

with over 500 5-star google reviews, we've become the most recommended athlete training facility in australia.

22:11 10 Jul 22
AA is home to elite facilities and services, built upon a family culture. The knowledge of the staff and their genuine care to better improve their athletes is second to none. I couldn’t recommend AA more highly, regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete, an aspiring junior or new to the fitness scene. Shoutout to Nathan Williams and Adam Wylie who are all class!
Lucy F.
Lucy F.
08:39 05 Jul 22
Athletes Authority are so supportive of everything their athletes do. They not only support me, and my afl team at the north shore bombers, physically but also mentally to be the best athletes we can be. They have amazing expertise and continually motivate me to do my best.
Matt B.
Matt B.
07:10 04 Jul 22
One of the highest quality gyms/rehab facilities in Sydney, if not Australia and have a culture of genuine care and respect for their athletes. I could not recommend this place more highly to people who want to take their own sporting/athletic development seriously - they have a range of world class programs from rehab to ADP to their intern programs teaching university students across Sydney. Another excellent aspect of their business is their social media presence, with high quality content and beautifully made videos and teach-ins across S&C exercises, rehab, physio and and more. Their staff are extremely nice, approachable and experts in their respective fields led by two amazing co-founders Lachlan and Karl. Personally I have dealt with Tom Watkins and Nathan Williams who are two of the most dedicated sports trainers around, putting in countless time and effort into helping their athletes. On the physio side, Justin Richardson and Kylie Baldwin are highly knowledgeable and always willing to help athletes whenever required. Finally Adam Wylie is extremely talented on data analytics and always looking for an edge for his athletes. I have been on the rehab program for the last 6 months and been given so much care and assistance. I also have been under AA’s S&C program at the north shore bombers for the past 2 years which has been incredible. Great group of people!
William G.
William G.
07:02 04 Jul 22
As someone who had rarely been to any gym before joining Athletes Authority with the North Shore Bombers program, my experience at AA has been nothing short of exceptional. Under the guidance of both Tommy & Nathan, I have seen and felt incredible improvement on my game as an AFL footballer. The curated program and frequent assistance from the coaches has helped me develop my on field physicality in AFL matches. As a result, I am better able to compete in contests, use my size to my advantage and prevent major injuries due to all the preventative exercises added to my program. The professional environment and high standards amongst coaches and other athletes has helped me work harder to reach those extra one percenters. Couldn't commend the team and facilities more.
Charlotte F.
Charlotte F.
05:30 04 Jul 22
I’ve been involved with Athletes Authority for 2 years as part of the strength and conditioning program with North Shore Bombers Women’s AFL program. I can whole heartedly say it is the best sports facility I have ever been apart of. The commitment from the trainers is outstanding and they will always adjust your program based on your needs and goals. The fact that the programs change every 6 weeks is great because it ensures you can get the most out of the program across the multiple sessions per week but also enjoy different programs relatively frequently. Outside of the standard strength programs, the rehab, physio and recovery facilities are elite and ensure that our footy players can have a professional sports environment whether we are at our peak or suffering from injury.Couldn’t recommend Athletes Authority more for any aspiring athlete.
Hannah S.
Hannah S.
05:29 04 Jul 22
I have been going to Athletes Authority for over 12 months now as part of the North Shore Bombers partnership, and I continue to be impressed by the quality of services and the dedication of the staff. This is not just an incredible gym but an inspiring environment and community for athletes.The facilities are world class and the support and programming provided by the coaches and physios is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve really noticed a positive difference to the performance and rehabilitation of my teammates.I would recommend Athletes Authority to anyone, whether they need to rehab an injury, become a better athlete or want to be part of an awesome community!
Olwen H.
Olwen H.
05:25 04 Jul 22
I have been lucky to be able to work with Athletes Authority for the last two years through North Shore Bombers. Nathan and the team are very experienced and curate tailored programs to help get the best out of their athletes. The support and data they provide to the people and teams they work with is insanely helpful and it has made me a stronger more capable player on the field. Their facilities are also some of the best I’ve ever used!
Ben C.
Ben C.
04:58 04 Jul 22
Athletes Authority provides the best quality strength and conditioning to any athlete. The facilities are amazing and the team is outstanding. The care the team has for athletes is unmatched and they are true professionals. I have throughly enjoyed my time at AA and would recommend them to any athlete!
Lauren K.
Lauren K.
23:45 23 May 22
The best in the business!!I have only been going to Athletes Authority for just over a month now and can’t speak highly enough of the services and facilities they provide.The best decision I made when moving to Syd was to come to AA, you get high quality S&C coaching, such a positive & encouraging environment and unbelievable rehab & recovery facilities! I can’t speak highly enough of the coaches and Physio’s at AA, I came to them with a few injuries post season and I am back on the field pain free, I haven’t lost my fitness (thanks to Tommy for the killer conditioning sessions) and already feeling stronger then I ever have! I would recommend to any athlete, at any age & level to come check out the place, you’ll fall in love with the place the minute you step in there!
Erick G.
Erick G.
04:31 22 May 22
I have been at AA for around 2 years now and I feel the best I've ever felt physically. From not having a dedicated strength and conditioning program prior to joining, you just don't realise how much of a difference being able to train under the guidance of dedicated coaches week in and week out can really make. Definitely recommend AA to anyone looking to improve as an athlete.
Jenny T.
Jenny T.
04:32 20 May 22
Joined Athletes Authority because I needed a physio take me through another ACL Rehab and I knew Justin was a great physio. Didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but couldn’t have lucked out more. Love the culture, the systems and the coaches and so I’ve stayed on ever since.The facilities are top notch and everyone on their team are enthusiastic, welcoming and can explain exercises and movement patterns with incredibly clarity that you’re bound to become a better athlete.Anyone who’s been injured knows how depressing the rehab journey is, but AA’s shown me that it doesn’t have to be that way. I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to play touch footy again but every step along the journey re-built the confidence I needed to play again. 100% would recommend that you check them out.
Kota O.
Kota O.
23:29 19 May 22
I joined Athlete Authority about 6 months ago. Honestly, can't find any better place than AA for all athletes. Coaches always welcome and motivate me with deep knowledge and passion. Also, the facility is just unreal!!
Brydie P.
Brydie P.
12:03 19 May 22
World class facilities. Incredible team with an abundance of knowledge, skills & just all round amazing people. Feel so confident being an athlete at this facility and putting my needs in the hands of the team. Have first hand experienced the rewards of training here. Leading the way in the industry - gold standard!
ibrahim abou S.
ibrahim abou S.
08:45 19 May 22
Could not recommend Athletes Authority enough! They are the most professional gym out their that know exactly how to take your performance to the next level!They got it all covered from strength and conditioning to recovery, ice baths and even mental skills!Its an athletes dream and if you are serious about taking your performance to the next level, don’t hesitate and get in contact now.
Sophie W.
Sophie W.
10:53 18 May 22
This place is unbelievably incredible!! They have welcomed me in like a family, with the most kind hearted people who always motivate me everyday. The facilities are just amazing and have a great range with top end technology. The rehab area is amazing and are so persistent through every experience and every moment of the processes. Would recommend to any athlete or anyone looking for a great gym!!
Mitch C
Mitch C
02:10 18 May 22
I have been at AA now for 6 months rehabbing from an ACL reconstruction and it has been one of the best health decisions I ever made.The staff are some of the most engaging and knowledgeable people I have ever encountered, and the facility itself is second to none...but AA is so much more than that, it is a community of like-minded people who want the best results when it comes to their health and performance. It is hard not to see incredible results when you are in an environment like this.There is simply no rehab experience for sports injuries that compares to Athletes Authority outside of being a professional athlete.I could not recommend them more highly and would encourage anyone who is rehabbing an injury or looking to improve their performance to check out Athletes Authority
Abuzar A.
Abuzar A.
01:44 18 May 22
I have been attending Athletes Authority for the last 4 months now for rehab on my knee. The facilities are brilliant and the team is incredibly professional. For athletes looking for a professional environment to improve their physical performance or come back from an injury, this is the place to be.
Noah K.
Noah K.
01:42 18 May 22
One of the best facilities in Sydney. Consistently outdoing all expectations, the staff here are motivated and assist all athletes to reach their full potential. I’ve been training here for almost two years, and wouldn’t change it for the world
John L
John L
02:36 13 May 22
Athletes Authority is comprehensive when it comes providing everything you need in the one place. The positive and friendly atmosphere and engagement from the physios and S&C coaches is critical in making athletes feel like they want to come back and keep training in a space where they feel comfortable, compared to feeling on edge at a cookie cutter gym where you don't know if what you're doing is the right thing for yourself.
Lexie M.
Lexie M.
01:23 13 May 22
Can’t speak highly enough about this facility. The environment is second to none and I’ve never loved being in the gym more then I do right now. All the coaches are very knowledgeable, which has been awesome to learn from. The most important thing for me is having a good environment with good people around you who support you aswell as push you at the same time and this place gives me everything I need to become the best athlete I can be.
Jacob M.
Jacob M.
07:16 02 Mar 22
I have been attending Athletes Authority for 6 months; I came for the works class facilities and dedicated coaching staff, but return for the great social aspect and fun I have at each session. As someone that has struggled staying motivated going to the gym in the past, Athletes Authority is the perfect place for encouragement and enjoyment!The staff provide a welcoming and engaging environment, suitable for athletes of all capabilities. The coaching plans are perfectly catered for individual needs, allowing for progression at your own pace.I would highly recommend Athletes Authority to any athlete looking to enhance their output through strength & condition, injury rehabilitation or just to be a part of an awesome community of like minded individuals.
Shiva M
Shiva M
13:13 23 Feb 22
Signing on with Athletes authority was the best thing I have ever done for my son.Noel Palabrica has been assisting my son since he has joined athletes authority .He strikes a perfect balance between accountability and support. He takes away the stress of figuring out a daily exercise routine which allows my son to only focus on getting stronger and healthier.Noel has made sure to tailor workouts according to my sons fitness goals, explains the benefits of the exercises my son is doing, and consistently shows him new exercises. He’s a good, personable trainer who cares about doing a great job.”I would also like to mention each staff member I’ve encountered has been incredibly friendly and helpful at athletes authority and has been instrumental for my sons overall fitness.Kind regardsYogi M
Nicholas L.
Nicholas L.
06:29 13 Feb 22
Athletes Authority offers nothing but professional gym and training services while keeping a friendly community vibe at heart! I would recommend all friends and family as well as anyone seeking to improve their sporting abilities to check out athletes authority!
Andrew P.
Andrew P.
21:43 09 Feb 22
Been doing PT's with the guys at Athlete's Authority now for over a year and absolutely love it. The facilities mate top notch and their attention to detail in their programming is second to none. I also refer all my athlete's to them as I know they're in good hands for performance or rehab. Love ya work gang!
Jesse N.
Jesse N.
23:43 06 Feb 22
I first joined AA 18 months ago to rehab an elbow injury and I’ve stayed on ever since. The coaches and physios are the best in the business. The culture amongst the athletes is next level and it pushes you to your best.
Angus P.
Angus P.
07:34 06 Feb 22
My almost 13 year old son has been going to AA 3 times a week for 8 months and would go 7 days a week if he could! It is a fantastic facility with everything an athlete needs and more - but what turns it from fantastic to exceptional are the owners and trainers. Here, you are not simply a number, you are part of a community. With the level of support offered and the positive influence of the staff, my son is thriving. Not only on a physical level but a mental one too. Thank you AA!
Brittany M.
Brittany M.
08:06 31 Jan 22
I recently joined AA following a rugby injury. Taking part in the rehab program, I’ve had access to knowledgeable physios, an incredible gym, recovery plunge pools and much more. The facilities at AA are world class and fantastic for any athlete from park footy all the way to the aspiring professionals. A welcoming environment, the staff at AA make sure to get to know you and give you all the help you could need to improve your performance. AA is definitely a must for any young athlete looking to take their game to the next level.
daisy C.
daisy C.
06:00 30 Jan 22
I have loved training at Athletes Authority! The facility is amazing with coaches and physio who are experienced and knowledgeable. All the staff are super friendly and devoted in developing and supporting athletes individually. Definitely one of the best gyms out there!!
Jackson B.
Jackson B.
21:41 26 Jan 22
The team at AA is centrally focused on developing the whole athlete enabling each individual to perform at their best in their chosen field. They already boast an elite athletic development environment, but are regularly upskilling themselves and the facility adding to further methods, tools, equipment and know-how all to the benefit of their athletes.
Alex W.
Alex W.
10:23 25 Jan 22
Athletes Authority is the industry leader when it comes to S&C as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation spaces. They’re unmatched with the level of depth and attention to detail associated with programming tailored to the each individual athlete’s sport, any pre-existing injuries or training preferences while all accessible through the convenience offered via smart-phone applications. All staff are professional beyond measure, exceptional academics and genuinely interested in the best for their athletes. The atmosphere on the gym floor is unrivalled, being surrounded by like-minded athletes is priceless, a sure place to meet new people with the same driven aspirations to excel in your chosen sport. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Directors of Athletes Authority; Karl Goodman and Lachy Willmot to begin your journey today. Believe me, the only thing you’ll regret is not having started sooner…
Reece C.
Reece C.
05:55 25 Jan 22
Everything you need in a gym and more! The whole crew are super friendly and very professional with second to none knowledge about all sports and all aspects of physical health and physio therapy! They cater to all needs from the average joe looking to make a healthy change to the professional athlete, highly recommended them.
Alex D.
Alex D.
03:13 25 Jan 22
Absolutely love training at Athletes Authority. The staff, trainers and physios are all super helpful and genuinely care about you as an athlete. I had surgery 8 weeks ago and everyone has been instrumental to my rehab process. Couldn't speak more highly of the guys and would 100% recommend to any athlete of any age.
Ariana A.
Ariana A.
00:24 25 Jan 22
I have been a rehab patient at Athletes Authority for the last year, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to go through ACL rehabilitation or train. Athletes Authority is the most highly equipped, professionally managed gym/physio I have ever been to. But apart from the top notch facilities, what sets Athletes Authority apart is the community its dedicated staff have built. The physios, coaches, and directors have done so much more than build a gym—they have created a family. A family that any athlete would be lucky to call themselves a part of.Inclusive, challenging, professional, while still leaving room for individualized programs and treatment (and a healthy dash of fun), Athletes Authority has made being injured an opportunity for me to more deeply explore my intentions and potential as an athlete.Whether recreational or professional, rehabbing an injury or training to excel in sport, AA caters to all athletes and will provide you with unparalleled support to reach your goals.
Emily M.
Emily M.
23:52 24 Jan 22
Been here for 7 months now rehabbing my ACL and I have never felt more cared for. The staff and athletes are so friendly and help me make my rehab fun! Best facility with the best people.
Ally G.
Ally G.
23:41 24 Jan 22
Professionally designed & run gym. Built for all people, however especially athletes all ages. Great facility in with state of the art recovery services. Professional communication, great team & individual coaching environment and high quality programming available for all. Great Physio services available. Big floor space spilt across two stories. Highly recommend for all gym goers, rehabbers & athletes! It’s a one-stop-shop!
Gen S.
Gen S.
21:30 24 Jan 22
I will forever recommend Athletes Authority! The attention to detail, amazing service for all athletes and rehab individuals and extensive knowledge in their industry is a recipe for greatness. Both Karl and Lachlan, as well as the rest of the coaches have not only supported each of their athletes during the covid period, but always look for ways to improve the facilities and make available many hygiene and nutrition products available. I will continue working with them as my performance and overall happiness increases. Keep up the phenomenal work guys!
Charlie B.
Charlie B.
20:16 24 Jan 22
I have been going to Athletes Authority for over 12 months now and I can safely say it is not only the best gym I have ever been to, but one of the best communities I have been apart of.The culture of athletes, staff and owners all striving to become better at what they do is evident and infectious, and when such a culture is combined with the world class facility, you have something special.I would recommend Athletes Authority to anyone, whether they need to rehab an injury, become a better athlete or be part of an awesome community, it is a safe and awesome place for anyone wishing to better themselves.
Chloe M.
Chloe M.
19:47 24 Jan 22
I came to athletes authority following an ACLR. The team has ben so supportive in not only getting me back to where I want to be but in growing my confidence. The rehab program is absolutely seamless and I enjoy going to the gym. Justin the physio has been amazing in taking time to explain things to me and is very considerate of all factors of rehab!
Vijay D.
Vijay D.
19:42 24 Jan 22
Its' been almost 2 years since I joined the gym. The best thing about the AA are the coaches . They come from very professional background and they are soo friendly and fun on the floor. The gym is well equipped with high quality equipments not just for training but for recovery like top of the class cold and hot spa, normatec and massage chairs etc. And very much of family like environment , easy to talk to fellow athletes, coach and can reach out the management anytime 🙂 always supportive Karl Peter
Joe K.
Joe K.
19:36 24 Jan 22
The coaches are all super nice and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is very welcoming, you couldn’t ask for anything more as an athlete.
Carol W.
Carol W.
02:10 18 Jan 22
An amazing organisation with outstanding professionals who truly put an athlete's goal's, development, recovery, rehab, conditioning and performance at the heart of everything. Incredible facilities and incredible people who are shaping my daughter's transition from WNPL1 AU Soccer to D1 USA Soccer.
Catherine P.
Catherine P.
04:50 23 Nov 21
After a 2 year recovery process post an ACL reconstruction I managed to return to my sport of Taekwondo at full capacity!I certainly could not have done it without the amazing team at Athletes Authority. Thank you for all your support and every amazing team member I got to work with. I would not have returned to the sport I am so passionate about if it wasn’t for what everyone did. In the last year AA built my confidence and strength to return to the mats. It was certainly a long process, but I was so fortunate to have such a supportive team behind me, to get me through a time like this. AA always wants the best for their athletes. Lachy and Karl will go above and beyond to support you however they can.Such a professional facility, especially for those wanting to take sport to the next level. It was amazing to see my progress from when I started, afraid to kick at training and now back at full capacity. I felt the communication was superb and my needs both in rehabilitation and strength & conditioning were catered for to the highest level.Justin, I am so thankful to have had you overlook my progress throughout my rehabilitation. He was always so patient and all ears when we had our sessions together. From the time I met Justin, I could always see he genuinely cared about the wellbeing of every athlete he worked with. From a simple hello and laugh with his athletes to be all ears trying to solve the problem with things that didn’t work. Even holding a bag for me to kick when slowly returning to training. I won’t forget your support. I will forever be thankful.Cath
Eilish S.
Eilish S.
20:30 12 Oct 21
Athletes Authority is a very sticky organisation, and I mean that purely in the metaphorical sense. It's a place that once you start you can't pull yourself away. I'm not sure if it's because of the VERY classy gym set up, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, or the fact that you get great results and you just get hooked on the gains you are making to your strength, mobility and speed.. or it could just be because they don't have adequate cleaning protocols* and you get stuck to the gym floor like an Oxford St Club dance-floor on Mardi Gras weekend 🤷‍♀️The AA Physio Team and particularly Mon, have been excellent throughout my whole rehab journey. Their knowledge, coupled with the systems, programs and testing that they have in place have been instrumental in not only getting my body back to where it was prior to my ACL rupture, but also helping me to identify and program for other deficiencies that I carried into my injury. The whole team provide a holistic approach to your rehab and S&C journey with the intent of making you a better athlete.*This is obviously a joke, COVID-19 cleaning protocols are strictly adhered to.
Maddison F.
Maddison F.
10:52 10 Aug 21
By far the best facility around! The new location is top notch from staff to equipment and the fit-out itself. The owners, management and trainers are the most knowledgeable in the business and show up every day always looking to push their athletes to the max. Physio services exceed all expectations with access to the latest technologies that maximise efficiency throughout an athletes rehabilitation journey. You are guided and supported from start to finish. Would recommend Justin to anyone needing some help with any niggles or frustrations. Great gym with an even better atmosphere! Big love to AA.
Charlene S.
Charlene S.
08:55 10 Aug 21
The entire team at Athletes Authority are a world class training facility that caters to all athletes both emerging (youth) and elite as well as providing a phenomenal injury rehabilitation program. Their training is individual and sporting specific and principles are cutting edge. The team are supportive, and encouraging with my 2 boys aged 10 and 12 who play soccer as well as compete in Track and Field. They also act as mentors to them providing them with feedback and encouragement every step of the way. Thank you for all the effort you put in everyday to make my boys better and more focused athletes.
ashleigh A.
ashleigh A.
07:01 10 Aug 21
Athletes Authority is an incredible place to train and work on rehab. The team is fantastic, they consistently go above and beyond to create a supportive and friendly environment where athletes can improve as quickly as possible!The facilities and attention to detail are second to none. I especially like the way they have combined physio and training together so not only am I recovering quickly, but I am still making improvements to my overall performance. I would highly recommend training here!
Maddison I.
Maddison I.
05:34 10 Aug 21
Been training with AA for over a year now and cannot fault a thing. The facility is world-class the coaches are incredible and really value each individual athlete.
23:58 05 May 21
The team at Athletes Authority are amazing , as a serious athlete first coming into this gym with a severe groin injury i really wanted to be treated as a professional athlete. And this is exactly what AA does best , they provide a great professional environment for all athletes and all sports. They treated my injury very serious going above and beyond your normal physiotherapist. AA was able to build a relationship with me closely monitoring my progression and helping me also deal with the mental side of injuries. Using their app and doing a weekly 'check in' is a great tool to see how someone is coping with their injury. They really do go above and beyond, even if you have a tight time schedule they will find a way to treat you. Besides the rehab part of the gym , the facility is like no other having wide range of machinery and equipment to increase your max potential as an athlete. And the best part ! if your not an athlete yet , they have a great team that will show you the way !
Emily A.
Emily A.
22:22 05 May 21
Athletes Authority provides an amazingly supportive and friendly environment where you can come and train to better yourself as an athlete & a person as they’re always down for a chat! They have been amazing in working on my strengths and weaknesses to get me back into shape after a long-standing injury. They continually work hard to help you with your recovery, training and coming up with new ways to do things. Their new recovery baths are amazing! Definitely recommend training here.
06:38 05 May 21
The team at Athlete’s Authority are the best i’ve ever come by in Australia. Both the facilities and the team are geared to ensure athletes are continually and consistently improving, and this is empirically demonstrated through regular testing, which is all kept on your file to hold you accountable for your progress.During my time here, i’ve had torn hamstrings, broken fingers, sprained wrists, sprained ankles and stitches in my foot, yet Athlete’s Authority have never let that get in the way of my progress. They have the equipment and the expertise to adjust your program so I’ve always been able to train around my injuries and come back stronger (even when I’ve quietly just wanted a break). As a serious athlete, this is what you need, they’ve help me accelerate when i’m on form, then push me and kept me accountable during my lows - and this is what really sets them apart from the rest.Being a gym built for athletes, everyone that trains here has a shared driven mindset, and a respect for the effort and dedication it takes to aim for that higher level. So aside from getting the best quality coaching, you’ll also be training alongside a bunch of amazingly supportive and friendly people.In short, if you’re serious about getting results, just have a chat with these guys and you’ll be able to see for yourself.
Sophie D.
Sophie D.
04:58 05 May 21
First started out here doing rehab, and when i say they are the best in the business i mean it!!!!! In just over 6 months i was back from injury into pre-season training. The physio’s are amazing and helped diagnose an injury others couldn’t. I am now back to full time training and playing with the help of the training staff and the athlete development programs!!! I am so much stronger and have developed myself both mentally and physically so much that i’m able to perform at a higher level. 10/10 highly recommended joining AA for rehab but especially for the athlete program as they will support and push you to become the best
Brandon Q.
Brandon Q.
10:37 04 Mar 21
After a knee operation, I signed onto the athlete rehab program. Having physio and S&C in the same place allowed me to get a tailor-made gym program depending on how my injury was progressing. The supervised gym sessions had the perfect athlete to coach ratio, which allowed them to really pay a lot of attention to everybody. Karl and Lachlan have built such a positive environment as well as a professional facility. I completely trust the team with my rehab and highly recommend them to anybody returning from injury.

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