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As leaders of Sports Performance Training in the private sector of Sydney, the Athlete Development Program offers an innovative and all-encompassing approach to sports performance.

We help our athletes build a solid athletic foundation because we believe that the best athletes are also the most available athletes.

Our philosophy focuses on building great movers, preventing and rehabilitating injury, developing strength and explosive power and ramping up fitness to be game-ready. Our athletes are closely supervised by masters-qualified strength coaches with extensive experience working in professional sport. During their 90-minute coaching sessions, athletes work in a strict 5:1 athlete-coach ratio to ensure the optimal athlete experience.

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A step-by-step walkthrough of your training experience with us.

Our Athlete Development Program always begins with Performance Testing. During your testing session, your performance will be measured across a few different standards:

1. Quality Of Movement

2. Strength

3. Power

4. Speed (and Change of Direction)

5. Fitness

6. Acceleration & Deceleration

At the end of every twelve weeks of training with us, you complete the above, to make sure you're progressing at the speed you were expecting.

Following your Performance Testing and establishing your baseline capacities, we'll get to work designing your program. Every program we design is completely bespoke and individualised.

Unlike a lot of other facilities that use generalised and stereotypical programs, our programs are written for you, and only you. In this way, you know you're getting the focus and attention you deserve. This is a big leap toward what professional sport offers and away from generic training like F45, Crossfit, or a program an athlete follows off the internet. 

Because we've performance-tested you, understand how you move, and, what you want to achieve, your program is completely customised around your goals and life responsibilities. Our programs are delivered via our smartphone app and can be followed at our facility in Artarmon, or, completed at a gym more convenient for you when you're not here for coaching.

This is where the rubber hits the road. Our Strength & Conditioning coaches are experts in physical preparation and, end-stage rehabilitation. During your 1:1 Coach Onboarding sessions, you'll get to work with expert strength coaches to improve your movement technique, get used to a high-performance gym environment, and, make sure you feel comfortable in the community. Our 1:1 onboarding includes  1-on-1 for your first week of training to make sure you're confident to join our small team training programs, which is at the heart of the ADP.

Unlike impersonal, large group coaching, this is also the chance for you to connect with the coach who will be responsible for your athletic development moving forward. By the end of your onboarding, you'll have complete confidence in your ability as an athlete within the ADP.

Small Team Training is at the heart of the Athlete Development Program. In Our Athlete Development Sessions, our athletes follow their programs under the supervision of experts in a small team environment. We also provide our athletes with the opportunity to spend with physiotherapists on the gym floor for diagnosis or treatment at no extra cost. Because we have weekly performance meetings, it won't matter what coach is on duty -- you will be well looked after.

Our Small Team Training is comprehensively spread out throughout the week to make it accessible to almost any schedule. With a 5:1 Athlete: Coach Ratio, this is where all the magic happens.


We're Experts At Rehabilitating Sports Injuries

If you've suffered a serious injury and wanting to return to sport, our rehabilitation program might be more suited to you. You can check them out below.

Athlete Success Stories

Athlete: Jamie Alleyne

Sport: Muay Thai
Goal: Performance Improvements
Coach: Elliot Taylor

When Jamie Alleyne first joined us, he wasn’t a huge fan of training in the gym. He found it slow, non-specific and a waste of time.

But he persisted. Our promise was simple; if he committed, he’d put his best foot forward to finally winning a title belt.

6 months later, he has won the NSW State Title, The Australian Title & The International Title.

Hear about his story of incredible achievement with his coach, Elliot Taylor, at Athletes Authority Artarmon.

Athlete: Pete Slaven

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Rehabilitation
Coach: Tim Rowland

After two ACL reconstructions, a crushed ankle and almost 2 years away from the game, Pete needed help.

He came to Tim as one of the experts on End-Stage Rehabilitation and began a long 9-month rebuild back to full force. When he first started, he couldn’t even squat to a box. Now, he is fitter, stronger and faster than he has ever been before.

These days, Pete is finally back to regular Rugby (and playing bloody well). Here about Pete’s remarkable story back to performance.

Athlete: Sam Needs

Sport: Rugby
Goal: Performance Improvements
Coach: Scott Hoare

After Sams’ contract with the NSW Waratahs ended and an opportunity to play overseas was offered, Sam couldn’t refuse.

He chose us for the 8 weeks leading into his Australian departure to professional rugby in Japan.

Hear about his story, what he achieved, and what he has learned in the short 8 weeks he had with the team at Athletes Authority with coach Scott.

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Athlete Development Program

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+ Performance Testing
+ Unlimited Team Training & Gym Access
+ Speed/Agility Field Sessions
+ Individualised Programs

Full-season training package. For shorter durations, extra charges may apply.

Elite Athlete Program

For Unmatched Support Working Directly With Lachlan Wilmot


+ Performance Testing
+ Individualised Programs
+ 1:1 Onboarding
+ Unlimited Team Training + Gym Access+ Onsite Physiotherapy
+ Speed/Agility Field Sessions
+ GPS Unit for running loads
+ Mindset Training
+ Weekly 1:1 Coaching Session

End-stage rehabilitation

Our packages are covered under private health care physiotherapy allowances.

Silver Package

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+ Screening
+ Gym Membership
+ Individualised Programming
+ 1:1 Onboarding
+ 1 x End-Stage Rehabilitatiom Training P/W
+ Access to the ADP Timetable
+ Speed/Acceleration/Running Mechanics (when appropriate)

Gold Package

Best Value


+ Screening
+ Gym Membership
+ Individualised Programming
+ 1:1 Onboarding
+ 2 x Small-Team Training P/W
+ Speed/Acceleration/Running Mechanics (when appropriate)
+ Return to high-speed running program