Velocity Based Training

Practical Applications for VBT in Private Sector Athlete Development

Episode 1: The Utility Of The Wearable Velocity-Measurement Device

How the PUSH Band is helping us with VBT in private sector


In episode one of the VBT series with Train With Push we explore the technology options available to the Strength Coach to measure Velocity.

Traditionally, sports settings have been limited to using Linear Positions Transducers (LPT's) to measure Velocity and Power Output, until now.

The previous accuracy limitations of wearable devices have now become a thing of the past with the PUSH Band 2.0. After working on both the hardware and software, we've rigorously tested this against gold standards like GymAware with great results. They are both accurate (valid), and consistent (reliable).

While LPT's still provide a great option in professional sports settings, the price can be limiting for the amateur and emerging strength coach.

Discover why we are enjoying using the Push 2.0 bands with our athletes, and stay tuned for a four-week crash-course on VBT and it's utility in private-sector. 


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