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Athlete Case Study

How We Bulletproofed Talented Cricketer Sam Doggett In 12 Weeks For QLD cricket.

From Broken & Battered To Paid Domestic Contract In 12 Weeks


When Sam Doggett, brother of Australian Cricketer Brendan Doggett and Australian Aborigines XI in his own right joined in July, we found ourselves working with a talented cricketer that had come off second best to a few tough years in the grade and Academy systems.

Teddy (Sam), had injuries in both feet, chronic ankle instability, patellar tendinitis, and a shoulder that regularly dislocated during bowling. Over the course of 12 weeks, we slowly built Teddy back to bowling strength… first by increasing strength and stability and later by increasing his power output to maximise his fast-paced bowling.

By the end, he left us with a contract in hand with the QLD Academy to play in the Future’s League.

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