Internship Program

Next Intake February 2020

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We understand that getting great experience in the industry is hard to come by.

While degrees and certificates give you pieces of paper, they don't give you world-class systems to apply with your athletes and clients. For 2 interns per year, we open our doors for an immersive experience to learn how we train athletes to optimise their sports performance.

Have you finished your degree but struggling with one of these problems?

Personal Training with general populations is an underrated skill - it teaches you the art of communication, buy-in and most importantly, establishes a strong self-image. However, training general populations is a little less 'involved' compared to athlete populations, and doesn't require robust systems to underpin their sports optimisation. For this reason, you want to learn from the best before you try and crack the athlete performance sector of the industry.

If you excelled in your degree but lack practical application, then you know that you've only covered half of the equation to succeed as an S&C coach. If you're already a great communicator and understand athletes, then you see this as the most important next step in your professional development.

If you're an established Strength Coach already working with athletes but have been on your own, you might feel like you've got a limited perspective. You feel that applying for the internship will give you a huge leg up in your career.


An internship at Athletes Authority will provide you with the opportunity to experience hands-on coaching with as many as 30 different athletes per day. Each intern will have the chance to coach emerging, semi-pro and elite athletes, develop a strong understanding of program design as it fits into a larger system of sports performance optimisation, and observe and assist a variety of highly experienced and qualified strength & conditioning coaches.
As an AA intern, you would have the opportunity to compliment your hands-on learning experience with participation in our our monthly internal staff-development days, which focuses on continuing education in an interactive classroom-style learning environment. The successful applicants will also get immediate access to the Emerging Strength Coach Mentorship - a paid program recommended by professional strength coaches like Pat Lane from the Sydney Roosters and Rob Jackson from the AFL. We work closely with our internship participants to develop coaching, assessment and program-design skill sets to compliment career aspirations within the S&C industry.
Additionally, all interns are provided with Athletes Authority kit, and will be granted free participation in any seminars hosted here at our facility during their time with us.


  • Be competent in teaching & coaching warm-up and activation drills.
  • Demonstrate a pre-existing knowledge in a variety of different training techniques and methodologies.
  • Must be comfortable interacting, engaging and communicating with athletes.
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that establishes you as a role model for athletes.
  • Be open an accepting of feedback and criticism.
  • Have a strong self-image.

Monday: 6:20 am - 12 noon 
Tuesday: 6:20 am - 12 noon
Wednesday: 6.20 am - 9 am
Thursday: 6.20 am - 11 am
Friday: 6.20 am - 9am

Monday: 2:00 pm - 8 pm 
Tuesday: 2:00 pm - 8 pm
Wednesday: 2:00 pm - 8 pm
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 2:00 pm - 5pm
Saturday: 7 am - 11 am

There are two internship opportunities available. Before you apply, confirm that you can meet the time schedule of either Intern A or Intern B. The internship is 12 months in length. Please note that there will be adequate time during your internship hours for study, reading and working through our extensive curriculum.

The Curriculum At A Glance

Below is an overview of your 12-month curriculum and what is involved.

Length: 1 Month
Task: Design Your Own Movement Screen
Practical: FMS Screen
Professional Resource: Gray Cook, Stuart McGill & Kelvin Giles
Required Reading: 'Movement' by Gray Cook 

Length: 2 Weeks
Task: Design a Strength & Field Warm Up
Practical: Conduct A Warm Up & Activation
Professional Resource: Kelly Starrett
Required Reading: 'Becoming A Supple Leopard' By Kelly Starrett

Length: 1 Month
Task: 5-up, 5-down for strength exercises and key movement patterns.
Practical: DSI & RSI testing, prescription and progressions for strength training.
Professional Resource: Charles Poliquin, Dr Yessis, Dan Baker, Mike Boyle, Jim Wendler & Louie Simmons.
Required Reading: 'Functional Training for Sports 2nd Edition' by Mike Boyle.

Length: 1 Month
Task: Design Your Own SAQ session
Practical: Conduct an Acceleration/COD session
Professional Resource: Altis/EXOS
Required Viewing: Mike Young Presentation

Length: 2 Weeks
Task: Design A Speed Mechanics Session
Practical: Conduct a Max Velocity (VMAX) session
Professional Resource: Yessis, Bosch, Just Fly, SimpliFaster
Required Reading: 'Explosive Running' by Dr Yessis

Length: 1 Month
Task: Design A Conditioning Week For A Chosen Sport
Practical: Conduct A MAS Grid & Testing Session
Professional Resource: Joel Jamieson & Dan Baker
Required Reading: 'Ultimate Conditioning' by Joel Jamison & 'HIIT Manual' by Mladen Jovanovic

Length: 1 Month
Task: Design A Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning Session
Practical: Demonstrate Advanced Strength Training Exercises for Sports Performance
Professional Resource: Frans Bosch, Mike Boyle & Verkoshansky
Required Reading: 'Strength Training & Co-ordination ' by Frans Bosch

Length: 1 Month
Task: 5-up, 5-down progression/regression sheet for throws and jumps.
Practical: Conduct RSI testing & Jumps/Throws Progression.
Professional Resource: Charlie Francis, Lachlan Wilmot & Eric Cressey.
Required Reading: Supertraining by Yuri Verkoshanky (excerpts). 

Length: 2 Months
Task: Design Warm & Session For Olympic Weightlifting; 5-up, 5-down progression/regression for Clean/Snatch progression.
Practical:  Force Velocity Profiling
Professional Resource: Hook Grip
Required Reading: Cali Strength Youtube; Jordan Strength; Strong By Science

Length: 2 Weeks
Task: A 1000-word literature review/Keynote Presentation on athlete monitoring measures.
Practical: Conduct 3 Monitoring Tests (one must include PUSH Band)
Professional Resource: Stu Cormack, Tim Gabbett, Sophia Nymphius
Required Reading: High-Performance Training for Sports by David Joyce; CMJ research papers; A-C workload papers.

Length: 1 Month
Task: Design a strength, rehab and return-to-running progression for a knee, hamstring or shoulder injury.
Practical: Conduct a progression on an injured or healthy athlete.
Professional Resource: Mike Reinhold, McGill
Required Reading: Sports Injury & Rehabilitation by David Joyce

Length: 2 Weeks
Task: Complete the Mindset Module within Athletes Authority Business Mentorship
Practical: Reach out to a key industry leader and organise to meet.
Professional Resource: Brett Bartholomew & Ron McKeefrey
Required Reading: How To Win Friends & Influence People

Length: 1 Month
Task: Apply for a job
Practical: Review & update your CV & write Cover Letter for a real job.
Professional Resource: Ron McKeefrey
Required Reading: CEO Strength Coach by Ron McKeefrey; Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazi.

Length: 1 Month
Task: Plan an off-season & in-season training week
Practical: Conduct this week with an in-season and off-season athlete.
Professional Resource: Tudor Bompa; Greg Haff; Inigo Mujco; Charlie Francis
Required Reading: Periodisation for Sports by Tudor Bompa

Length: 1 Month
Task: Plan an off-season & in-season training month
Practical: Conduct training sessions for a month with an in-season and off-season athlete.
Professional Resource: Tudor Bompa; Greg Haff; Inigo Mujco; Charlie Francis
Required Reading: Periodisation for Sports by Tudor Bompa

Length: 1 Month
Task: Plan a training year for a team and individual sport athlete based on competition intentions. 
Practical: Present proposed training plan to an athlete.
Professional Resource: Tudor Bompa; Greg Haff; Inigo Mujco; Charlie Francis
Required Reading: Periodisation for Sports by Tudor Bompa