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(And How You Can Apply The Same Strategies To Take Your Game To The Next Level)

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We Understand How Frustrating It Is To Feel Like You Can't Perform Because You Haven't Recovered. With The KVLR ™ Recovery System, You'll Have The Tools To Fix That.

The KVLR™ Recovery System cuts through all the marketing hype that makes athletes feel like they aren't doing enough or can't afford the fancy, over-the-top Cryotherapy & Massage Combo every Sunday. With the complete recovery system, it helps you get on top of your performance without spending a dollar. By managing your ability to recover from fatigue, you'll be good to go, faster.

Your Performance Is Determined By A Simple Equation...
Performance = Fitness - Fatigue
While most athletes spend extensive periods of time planning and executing on their FITNESS, almost no time at all is ever spent on the other half of their equation... their FATIGUE. Even though one is as important as the other in determining performance on the day, it's almost guaranteed that your fatigue management is no where near as optimised as your training... and that there, is the problem.

What's Inside The KVLR™ Recovery System?

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Once you download the KVLR™ Recovery System, here are just some of the ways you'll benefit immediately:

☑️ You’ll discover that an optimal recovery requires you to take charge of three key areas of your body (and one is so rarely spoken about, it's a secret missing link)

☑️ You’ll set yourself up for the best night sleep (even if you have had trouble falling asleep in the past because you're wired from competition)

☑️  You’ll discover the great alternatives to the expensive and cost-prohibitive 'Recovery Centre' options that won't cost you a cent  (because there is nothing worse than feeling like you should be doing more, but your finances are stopping you)

☑️ You’ll turn up to training the next week feeling refreshed while everyone feels sluggish (because you applied the strategies that most people simply didn't know they could be doing).

☑️ You’ll discover two guided meditation techniques that will fast track your neurological recovery (because most guided meditations you can find on YouTube don't tap into this neurological technique).

☑️ Immediate access to two complete guided meditation tracks that can be performed before bed that acts as a psychological and neurological reset for the body before sleep  (we've never shared this before outside of our flagship athletes).

"You'll Fast Track Your Recovery & Be Good To Go Faster With The KVLR™ Recovery System."

Get Started With These Three Simple Steps:

1. Download Our KVLR™ Recovery System Handbook

Your Recovery Handbook will walk you through the phases of your recovery system and allow you to apply your sleep hygiene, guided meditations, post-competition analysis and 100-point recovery checklist into your training week immediately. With the KVLR™ Recovery system, you'll be good to go, faster.

2. Implement The Recovery System After Your Next Game, Event Or Competition

Apply the Recovery system immediately and complete your first Regeneration Training Day.

3. Recover Faster, So You Can Perform With More Confidence

When you improve your ability to recover, you facilitate a return to optimal performance, faster. With the KVLR™ Recovery system, you'll be good to go.

Apply The System That Is Helping Athletes Recover Faster & Perform Better... WITHOUT the ridiculous costs.

You're only a few clicks away from implemeting the KVLR ™ Recovery System into your training plan. Click the button below to get started.